Calling All Successful Entrepreneurs: Pay it Forward!

Some of you know about a great cause that’s near and dear to my heart, called Generation E. Like 99.9% of entrepreneurs, I learned how to run my own business through trial and error. So far, the “school of hard knocks” has worked for me, and I’m thankful for the experience. But that process took a heavy toll as well—on my friends, family, clients and on myself.  When I discovered Generation E, I found a better way for future generations to learn the basics.

While a certain amount of “pain” is needed to separate the best from the rest, it’s also critically important to make sure our young and aspiring entrepreneurs have a better path to success. It’s also important they don’t get discouraged, and they don’t give up. Great business ideas are just waiting to come out, and so are great leaders — that’s the focus of Generation E Institute.

Generation E is an incredibly worthwhile investment, because it’s all about promoting future entrepreneurs’ success. Paying it forward means I get to share my gifts, and help inspire and advance future generations of entrepreneurs. I hope you’ll support this great program, and help spread the message of encouragement for our innovative young entrepreneurs.

Please join me and thousands of others to promote innovative programs and four-star events to showcase future entrepreneurs’  hopes, dreams and big plans! Please donate to this important non-profit organization today, to keep its curriculum current, and its mission alive and well.

Steven Pignataro, CEO of 'corePHP'

Steven Pignataro
CEO of ‘corePHP’
President of Generation E Institute Board of Directors

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