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Magento Development Services

As an open-source E-commerce platform, Magento offers a wide range of features and functionalities that can be customized to meet the specific needs of any business. It’s a highly flexible and scalable platform that can handle everything from small online stores to large enterprise-level E-commerce sites.


Our team of expert Magento developers have years of experience working with the platform, and we have helped businesses of all sizes to leverage its capabilities to create high-performance websites that deliver exceptional user experiences.


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Our Magento Development Services

Get Your Ecommerce Game On with Magento – Because Selling Stuff is Fun

Why Select Magento For Your Next Website CMS Platform?

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Empower Your Online Presence with Magento

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Magento Development Services
Realize The Full Potential of Your E-Commerce Business with Magento

Our Magento Development Services include everything from Magento site design and development to custom module development and theme creation. We also provide Magento migration and upgrade services, ensuring that your website stays up-to-date and secure.

Whether you need a simple online store or a complex e-commerce website, our Magento Development Services can help you achieve your goals. Partner with 'corePHP' and let us help you unlock the full potential of Magento for your e-commerce business.

We specialize In building the perfect Magento powered site with:

Frequently Asked Questions About Magento & Magento Development

There are many different payment options in Magento, including Stripe, PayPal, 2checkout, WorldPay, Google Checkout, and MasterCard/Visa direct payments. All of them have their own advantages and disadvantages, in addition, each charges a different commission when used.

Page Builder is designed to modify your pages by dragging and dropping “content types” controls. This tool allows you to create and modify pages. You can use Page Builder in two ways: use existing content types or create new content types. Page Builder makes it easy to create quality and beautiful content blocks that fit your store theme.


Symfony is a PHP framework and set of reusable PHP components used in Magento 2. It speeds up Magento 2 development process by evading repetitive coding tasks. YAML is a serialization standard introduced among Symfony components. This is a good format for your configuration files because it makes them as readable as INI files and as expressive as XML files.

It is one of the most popular application frameworks among the open-source developer community. The platform simplifies the work of developers and allows them to create web applications without monotonous and extensive coding. This technological platform allows you to control the content, functionality, and appearance of your online store. So the answer to the is yes, as this PHP framework is one of the most important components of the Magento 2 technology stack and used to make the best Magento sites.

Yes, Magento offers a range of customization options through its modular architecture and flexible design system, including the ability to modify templates and themes, add extensions, and integrate with third-party applications.

Yes, Magento is designed to handle high traffic and large-scale e-commerce operations. Its scalable architecture and flexible design allow for customization and optimization to meet the needs of businesses of any size.

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Magento Development Services

We make sure Google spiders are able to crawl the pages of your site that need to appear in search engine result pages.

Google crawlers can’t find all the pages of your site if your technical SEO is structured incorrectly, or if your robots.txt file is poorly optimized. Not sure if yours' are properly set-up? Reach out to our SEO team today for a full website audit.

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