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Digital Marketing Services

Ignite Your Brand & Maximize Your Potential

Marketing is a big piece of the puzzle if you want to launch or grow your organization. In a saturated market it’s important to have a partner with a forward-looking marketing plan, that’s not only effective, but also sustainable over time.


‘corePHP’ is one of the world’s leading digital marketing firms, with over 20 years’ of experience and the record to prove it! We focus on driving repeatable conversions & reliable revenue, while staying ahead of the curve & remaining constantly accountable for our work. That’s why we never lock anyone into a long-term contract. 

Take your Digital Marketing Strategy to the Next Level

Digital Marketing

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Services

It’s pretty simple: Get more traffic. Acquire more customers. Sell more stuff.

At ‘corePHP’ we have an expert team of passionate search engine optimization (SEO) professionals. With over 20 years of experience in SEO services we’re one of the highest reviewed and highest rated SEO companies worldwide.


Our team works together with our clients to develop strategies that increase brand recognition, improve brand visibility, increase traffic, improve the quality of that traffic, and drive repeatable sales & conversions through the website. 


Our SEO Services Include:
  • Business Research. SEO always starts with research. We aim to gain a thorough understanding of your business model, your customers, your market/s and most importantly how your customers search online.
  • Goal Setting & Conversion Tracking. What does setting goals and tracking conversions have to do with SEO? Everything. The best SEOs measure every aspect of the organic sales funnel with precision.
  • Keyword Research. Applying our understanding of how your business model fits search, we conduct comprehensive keyword research to find the best keywords and that fit an array of criteria that yields the best possible search ranking results.
  • Content Optimization. Integration of best researched keywords into the key meta data, headers and content of your website assures our keyword strategy is aligned with your content. Our team may optimize existing content or write new content to assure your website content properly reflects the keyword strategy.
  • Code & Speed Optimization. Optimizing the code of your website involves a long list of items. Our code optimization list contains over 50 items.
  • Off-Site Optimization. Several important off-page profiles need to be properly built out, optimized and managed. Your Google My Business listing (for local SEO), your Google Search Console and Google Analytics profiles for tracking, your Google AD profile, any any Social Media profiles are just a few of the off-page items that we optimize.
  • Authority Building aka Link Building. Acquiring quality backlinks to your website is one of the most important elements of SEO, but is also one of the most challenging. We take a diversified approach to acquiring backlinks.
  • Content Writing & Optimization. Writing optimized content is a critical aspect of SEO, our team writes both static and dynamic keyword rich content as part of our overall SEO strategy.
  • Custom Analysis. Google’s ever changing search algorithms require us to constantly monitor SEO progress and make changes or additions where necessary.
  • Reporting & Consultation. We provide all of our clients with a dashboard and matching PDF reports that allows them to monitor every aspect of our search engine optimization progress. In addition, we provide video reports, consultation phone calls and insight on all the data.


We customize our SEO strategies around thorough research & scientifically-tested data. For our team, accountability is key to our success & we understand that our clients rely on us to improve their website’s search engine rankings and drive traffic to their site. That’s why we set clear goals, timelines, and expectations before we begin and communicate with our clients where we stand with these throughout our partnership. 


Industry Experts

The SEO industry & more specifically the Google algorithm, are constantly changing, That’s why our team stays up-to-date with the latest SEO trends and strategies, and we invest in ongoing education and professional development for all our teammates, ensuring that we provide our clients with the most effective & cutting edge SEO solutions. We also regularly evaluate our performance and look for ways to improve our processes and results.


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Digital Marketing

Paid Search Management Services

Maximize Your Clicks, Minimize Your Spend: Expert PPC management at your fingertips!

Our team at ‘corePHP is a performance-driven PPC marketing agency, aimed at setting-up our clients ad spend to optimize ROI. Make the most of your enterprise’s marketing efforts with ‘corePHP’ ‘s pay-per-click consulting and paid social media ads management services across a variety of channels.

Our PPC Management Includes:
  • Increase Overall ROI
  • Implement a Strategic Marketing Plan
  • Maximize Overall Marketing Budget
  • Optimize Under-Performing Campaigns
  • Develop High-Converting Landing Pages
  • Establish Clear Reporting Systems
  • Implement Precise Targeting


Staying competitive in the market requires marketing strategies that resonate. Our team’s PPC marketing experts utilize key PPC tools, UX & UI design, re-targeting, GEO-targeting, A/B testing, and optimization techniques to setup your brand for long-term success.


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Digital Marketing

Social Media Marketing Services

Boost Your Online Presence: Connect with your audience & drive results!

Our industry leading Social Media marketing team leverages the power of Social Media to drive engagement, increase brand equity, and generate results. Our team at ‘corePHP’ will develop a strategy based on your objectives, including platforms, messaging, tonality, and frequency.

Our Social Media Marketing Services Includes:
  • Social Media Strategy
  • Optimization & Combination of All Social Accounts
  • Data-Driven Campaign Targeting
  • Increased Brand Authority
  • Retargeting & Focused Spend
  • Social Media Monitoring
  • Reporting & Analysis


Our social experts are here to fulfill your marketing needs from strategy to execution. We will guide your social media strategy & fill your feed with thumb-stopping content.

Digital Marketing

Email Marketing & Automation Services

Don’t Let Your Leads Slip Away: Targeted Emails and Retargeting Campaigns to Keep Them Hooked!

Sending customers, potential customers, members, & subscribers the right message at the right time is the best way to continuously stay on their radar & improve conversion rates. But how can you achieve it? By leveraging email automation services!


Need help getting started? That’s what our expert Email marketing & automation team is here!


Our Email Marketing & Automation Services Include:
  • Helping you set up complex automation workflows, enabling you to interact with your customers at every touch point.
  • Eliminate manual and repetitive tasks so you can focus on strengthening customer relationships and improving retention rates.
  • Providing the luxury of scaling up your email campaigns whenever you deem fit.& 


Regardless of the platform you are looking to use, our team has experience with all of them. From MailChimp to ActiveCampaign, to HubSpot and everything in between! 

Digital Marketing

Conversion Tracking & Optimization Services

Unlock Your Website’s Potential: From Click to Customer, we will Optimize Your Conversion Journey!

Growing traffic on your website is only half the battle and that’s where “Conversion Rate Optimization” or CRO comes in. CRO is the term used for the data driven process of optimizing a website, based on visitor behavior, in an effort to improve conversions on entire sites, forms, or particular pages.


‘corePHP’ has worked with hundred or websites, of all sizes, to turn their web traffic into conversion in the form of leads, completed forms, email signups, purchases, calls, and much more. Our proven conversion optimization process also includes properly setting up all tracking and analytics suites to ensure a full data-driven approach is implemented. 


Our Conversion Tracking & Conversion Optimization Services Include:
  • Initial Audit & Conversion Tracking Set-Up
    • We research & analyze your site as well as your competitor’s sites to create an in-depth audit focused on traffic data, user heat maps, form fill / call data, & more. We dive deep into your traffic metrics to determine where users are coming from, how they interact with CTAs, and what they expect from your landing pages. This gives us an idea of what we want to start testing and optimizing.
  • Data Analysis & Subsequent Recommendations
    • After auditing & ensuring your conversion tracking is properly in place and providing proper data we provide data-driven recommendations. This includes forming a custom strategy, based in the data we have found once tracking is properly in place.  
  •  Implementation, Testing, & Optimizing
    • We then tweak and fine-tune these changes until your landing pages are set up to maximize conversions. Then we watch your conversion rate skyrocket


Once your site is optimized for conversions, you can expect an increase in conversion rates and overall revenue. We then continue to analyze and monitor the progress in order to make continued improvements and keep your site at peak performance.

Digital Marketing

Event Marketing Services

Make Your Event Stand Out: Let Us Help You Promote and Market Your Services Like a Pro!

If you are in the event planning business, you know it’s difficult to quickly get any marketing momentum to promote engagement.

With the help of our Digital Marketing services such as SEO, Paid Search Management, Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing & Automation Services, & Conversion Tracking Services our team at ‘corePHP’ can help set your event or events apart from the rest. ‘corePHP’ takes a number of proven event marketing strategies and techniques to formulate a comprehensive marketing plan, to ensure our clients events are marketed effectively.

With professionally created content for your pages, we can showcase some of your past work as well as highlights of your services, genre, or whatever your goals are for the event, regardless of niche.
Our Event Marketing Services Include:

Our team can also make announcements about your event through press release distributions, blog articles, news articles, & more which will boost the popularity of your event, and enhance your domain authority for future promotions.

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Digital Marketing Services

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