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WordPress Development Services

Do you need a highly customized WordPress-powered website? Or maybe just a small tweak on one of your WordPress plugins? How about a completely unique WordPress widget, or something so custom you’re not sure what it’s called?


No matter what your requirements are, our WordPress developers at ‘corePHP’ can provide all possible WordPress services, ranging from custom theme development, plugin customization, speed optimization, SEO Services, & more.


Need a WordPress professional? Relax, we’ve got you covered! 

Our WordPress Development Services

‘corePHP’ works with our clients to build WordPress solutions that drive growth.

Why Select WordPress For Your Next Website CMS Platform?

WordPress Updates, Upgrades, and Integrations

Some People Call Us The WordPress Gurus
WordPress Development Services
Get The Most Out of Your WordPress Investment

If you need to update your WordPress site or PHP versions, theme, migrate content or design, optimize for speed, or build a custom WordPress plugin or widget, 'corePHP' can help!

Tell us what you are looking for, and we’ll help you create and install the perfect plugin. If you have a pre-existing WordPress plugin that needs customization, we can handle that for you too!

We specialize in coding with PHP, JavaScript, MySQL, CSS for WordPress:

Frequently Asked Questions About WordPress & WordPress Development

WordPress design and development is the use of the WordPress CMS software to develop your website as well as design the user interface. WordPress can be used to create all aspects of a highly functioning website, with each one custom-tailored to your exact needs. We can take care of your WordPress design and development needs with our team of professionals who know how to maximize the WordPress platform, from start to finish.

While you may not need a web designer or developer to launch your own WordPress site with basic features, you can truly maximize the potential of your website when working with a team of professionals. WordPress is free to download and build websites with, but you will need to handle having your own domain name and hosting, which is not free. At ‘corePHP’, we can handle the whole process for you: getting your domain, hosting, and developing and designing the website of your dreams. We don’t stop there though, as we can continue to help update and evolve your site as your needs change. 

WordPress site design can be done using the WordPress design features as well as by using themes that are available for you to use for your website. WordPress site design can also be done by a professional company that specializes in development and design of WordPress websites. The themes and designs done by a company often can be specifically tailored to the needs and goals of your website. Our specialized WordPress design and development team at ‘corePHP’ can take you to the next level and create your dream WordPress website. 

Maybe. The issue typically isn’t with the number of plugins you install: It’s the size, compatibility and quality of the plugins.

  • Large plugins: These can make things easier but slow your website down as the more a single plugin does then the more resources it will require.
  • Plugin conflicts:  Some plugins simply don’t work when installed on the same website. 
  • Poor quality: Unfortunately there are a lot of poorly coded plugins floating around the web, which is why we always recommend using plugins for reputable sources.

Not sure which version of WordPress your website is running on? Just log into your WordPress site and at the bottom right corner of your dashboard you should see your current version number.

Optimize Your WordPress Site for SEO

WordPress Development Services

We make sure Google spiders are able to crawl the pages of your site that need to appear in search engine result pages.

Google crawlers can’t find all the pages of your site if your technical SEO is structured incorrectly, or if your robots.txt file is poorly optimized. Not sure if yours' are properly set-up? Reach out to our SEO team today for a full website audit (it's free!).

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