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Joomla! Development Services

There is a reason ‘corePHP’ is the biggest Joomla! development firm in the USA. We treat our clients right. We listen to their needs, and create outstanding solutions for them, from websites to intranets to custom applications — all using Joomla!


We specialize in enterprise solutions for Joomla! in all industries; for businesses, non-profits, education, and government agencies. Our developers have been creating custom Joomla! powered sites, extensions, and custom PHP scripts since the rise of Joomla! in 2005. In fact, Joomla! itself has quite a bit of ‘corePHP’ DNA powering it, since ‘corePHP’s co-CEO, Steven Pignataro, happens to be one of its co-founders.


Need an expert Joomla! development team? Relax, we’ve got you covered! 

Our Joomla! Development Services

Making Websites Great with Joomla!, One Extension At A Time

Why Select Joomla! For Your Next Website CMS Platform?

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Joomla! Updates, Upgrades, and Integrations

Joomla! development: Because life’s too short for bad websites!
Joomla! Development Services
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If you need to update your Joomla! site or PHP versions, upgrade your theme, migrate content or design, optimize for speed, or build a custom Joomla! extension, 'corePHP' can help!

If you would like more information on our abilities to customize Joomla! or provide Joomla upgrades and migrations we would love to hear from you!

We specialize In building the perfect Joomla! powered site or intranet with the following:

Frequently Asked Questions About Joomla! & Joomla! Development

Joomla! web development is an open-source CMS (content management system) for publishing content to the web. Joomla! uses a PHP language to create strong and dynamic websites for all types of uses. The useful and intuitive interface allows you to have a customizable experience for your users. 

There are many large companies today using Joomla! websites to handle their online needs. Many of them have a focus on security which is why they choose Joomla!, making it a great solution for banks and Credit Unions. Some of the larger companies using Joomla! currently are Linux, Lipton Ice Tea, Holliday Inn, and the United Nations Regional Information Centre for Western Europe. But

The Template controls the overall look and layout of your site. It provides the framework that brings together common elements, modules and components as well as providing the cascading style sheet for your site. Both the Front-end (Site) and the Back-end (Administrator) of your site have templates.

When Joomla! is installed several templates are automatically included. You can find many more templates at other websites. Some are available without charge under various licenses, and some are for sale. In addition, there are many designers available who can make custom templates.

Joomla! has a limited access control system. By default there are the following groups: Front End Only

  • Public

  • Registered

  • Author

  • Publisher

Back End

  • Manager

  • Administrator

  • Super Administrator

There are two basic ways that access control is used:

  • To control the ability of users to see modules, content and menu items;

  • To control the actions that users can take.

Use the free Joomla extension, Joomla! Tools Suite (JTS), which is a Joomla! environment audit, maintenance and diagnostic application written in PHP. The JTS suite of tools can diagnose, report and advise on common installation, health and security issues, including performing several common performance and recovery actions.

Optimize Your Joomla! Site for SEO

Joomla! Development Services

We make sure Google spiders are able to crawl the pages of your site that need to appear in search engine result pages.

Google crawlers can’t find all the pages of your site if your technical SEO is structured incorrectly, or if your robots.txt file is poorly optimized. Not sure if yours' are properly set-up? Reach out to our SEO team today for a full website audit.

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