Develop Your Sales Strategy Using Visitor Data

There is a lot of work that goes into developing a successful eCommerce website. Strategies for marketing, search engine optimization and more will play a prominent roll in how well your online store will perform. Using the data collected from your eCommerce solution will add to that success by helping you develop strategies for various products. This can improve everything from product placement to the distribution of coupons and discounts for certain items.

Visitor Interaction

The way visitors interact with your eCommerce site will provide you with invaluable information about what to change. Using solutions such as 1 Shopping Cart can display that data in an easy to read format.

A higher number of visitors with corresponding purchases for particular items obviously means you have something hot and need to keep it in stock. However, a high number of visitors with a low number of purchases could mean that the price is too high for the item.

If you suspect that the price for the product is too high, run a month-long discount on that particular item. Include the discount in your email marketing campaigns and various advertisement streams. If the purchases begin to rise, then you know that the product was simply priced too high. If the number of purchases remains low, then it could mean that you have an item that is unattractive to your target consumers.

Accuracy with Visitations

When it comes to crunching numbers for data-based information, you shouldn’t expect a quick fix. Developing a strong strategy could take a great deal of time. Data is more accurate as more visitors are present. If you have an eCommerce site that experiences a handful of visitors per day, the pricing of your product may not be the cause of the lack of sales.

Instead, you should do what you can to improve the flow of traffic to those items within the development of your marketing platform. Base your strategies on total number of visitors instead of running a month-long sale on the item.

Advertising Specific Items

One method to attract visitors to a specific item is to run your marketing campaigns targeting that particular product. For instance, use a month-long pay-per-click campaign such as Google Adwords and target your eCommerce page containing the item.

If the sales are still low for that product, then you may want to consider dropping the price or running your discounts. You don’t have to launch advertising campaigns that generally target your eCommerce store in order to make sales.


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