Advantages and Limitations of VPN

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The virtual private network (commonly referred to as VPN) is a great solution that establishes a secured or/and long distance network connection. In most cases the system is implemented by an organization or a business. The VPN system will offer various advantages, benefits that are important for local area networking and more. The most important advantages are:

Cost Savings

The VPN will be able to save you money because:

  • Long distance leased lines are no longer necessary
  • Telephone charges associated with long distance are reduced
  • Support costs are offloaded

In the past, organizations had to rent T1 lines in order to gain a secured connection between office locations. The VPN will utilize the public network infrastructure and connections between offices are made through the internet. This is obviously a lot cheaper than the leased lines since any internet connection is enough for what is necessary.

The Best VPN Service Mag, top resources for VPN Reviews, highlights that maintaining servers is expensive and VPNs bring in the possibility of saving money on that because support is almost always outsourced from a professional third party provider. The providers can afford to offer lower costs as they serve many clients at the same time. Check out AnonymWeb for additional VPN service reviews.

Network Scalability

It is tempting to start building your own dedicated private network. The costs will look as being quite reasonable when you first look at them but the increase is exponential as the company grows. As an example, if you have 2 branch offices, one line can be used to connect them. If you have 4 offices, you need 6 lines to connect every single office with all the others. If you have 6 offices, you need 15 lines. This is obviously costly.

The internet based VPN will avoid the scalability problem because of the use of the public lines, together with the network capability that are already available. This is particularly useful for the international and report locations. Internet based VPN will offer a superior reach and a much better service. You can simply connect to the VPN that is already set up if you are connected to any Wi-Fi network.

VPN Limitations

Just as with every single service, although VPN is popularity, there are some limitations that you need to be aware of. The organizations that want to implement the virtual private network have to be aware of them and consider them in order to be sure that a VPN is the best option for them.

For starters, VPNs will require a highly detailed understanding of the network security issues and a careful installation and configuration are necessary in order to guarantee enough protection when connecting through a public network.

Performance and reliability of the VPNs that are internet based will not be directly controlled by the organization. The solution will always rely on the ISP and the service quality offered. The VPN solutions and products that were offered by various vendors were not compatible with some connections because of VPN technology standards.

Technical problems can appear when you try to match and mix equipment and you need to be sure that you use the proper options in order to be successful.


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