We were approached to build an entirely new software product to solve the problems existing in Amazon’s third-party delivery service providers (DSPs).

Amazon often deliberately clouds or withholds information needed by DSP owners on a  daily basis to understand, analyze and track the performance of their company and its drivers. All businesses require some level of analytics to determine performance, profit margin, and individual employee performance. With the scant and difficult-to-use information that Amazon provides, it wasn’t possible to do the analysis necessary to determine critical performance metrics.

What was needed was a comprehensive solution for information gathering, performance tracking, route analysis, and more.

We developed dspworkplace as an application designed for heavy professional use, on both mobile and desktop, that provides a comprehensive scheduling tool and scoring of drivers, a route management tool for Amazon delivery drivers, integrated group chat, individual private messaging,  punch times, shift reminders, and the list goes on.

We’ve gone on from the original scope of the project to build more integrated features and functionality than you can shake a stick at – if that’s something you’re inclined to do.

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