Killer Photoshop and Lightroom Tutorials (with Video Tutorials) – Part III

We have moved on to the third part of the series on some really exciting Photoshop and Lightroom tutorials. Again we have tried to maintain a proper blend of both Photoshop and Lightroom tutorials keeping in mind a proper mixture of both easy and involving tutorials.

In this part, some tutorials can take quite a bit of time to learn completely and in-depth, but they are really worth it as the end results are really stunning. But if you have already followed our previous series on “Photoshop Tutorials to Better Designing”, then understanding and following these tutorials should not be that difficult.

Create a Captivating Street Dance Competition Poster in Photoshop

(Photoshop Text Tutorial – View Tutorial)

A very in-depth tutorial teaching you various techniques related to selection, blend modes, lens flares, etc.


Learn How to Process a Night Image Effectively

(Lightroom Video Tutorials – View Tutorial)

Learn some nifty tricks of dramatically improving night photographs in Lightroom.


Create a Stunning Panorama with Lightroom and Photoshop

(Photoshop and Lightroom Video Tutorial – View Tutorial)

A very interesting tutorial teaching you the techniques of using both Photoshop and Lightroom to create a jaw-dropping panorama.


Playing with Type and Images in Photoshop

(Photoshop Text Tutorial – View Tutorial)

A simple tutorial explaining the usage of type and images in Photoshop.


Create a Mobile Downloader App Interface in Photoshop

(Photoshop Text Tutorial – View Tutorial)

A really amazing mobile downloader application interface designing tutorial in Photoshop.


Boost the Milky Way

(Lightroom Video Tutorial – View Tutorial)

Fond of taking incredible photographs of the Milky Way? Then this amazing tutorial is just for you.


Combine Multiple Exposures for Amazing Landscapes

(Photoshop Video Tutorial – View Tutorial)

Take your boring landscape photographs to the next level by combining multiple exposure image in Photoshop.


Selective Color Tutorial in Lightroom

(Lightroom Video Tutorial – View Tutorial)

Give your photos an artistic touch with the selective coloring technique in Lightroom.


Create a Photo Manipulation of a Fisherman in a Lake

(Photoshop Text Tutorial – View Tutorial)

Create an amazing dreamy scene using various Photoshop techniques like adding water textures, water ripples, image enhancements, etc.


Half Woman – Half Animal Tutorial in Photoshop

(Photoshop Video Tutorial – View Tutorial)

A very simple and easy tutorial teaching you how to create a half-woman-half-animal face in Photoshop.




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