How WordPress Web Development Is Quicker Over Custom

WordPress has become wildly popular since its creation in 2003. According to Forbes, WordPress is used by approximately 75 million websites which make up about 25% of the websites on the internet.

There are plenty of reasons that WordPress has become so popular over the last decade and a half. For one, it offers plenty of versatility and serves as a viable option for a host of website styles and types.

Among the biggest reasons that this platform has become such a common tool is thanks to how quickly it can be used. Since “time is money”, this speed is a significant element when it comes to weighing the platform’s high-demand. With WordPress, businesses can shorten their development time thanks to a few different factors.

WordPress Is Template-Based

A big part of what makes WordPress a quick choice comparatively is that it works on a template-based system. This means that developers often build the majority of their websites out of pre-rendered assets rather than built from the ground up. This saves plenty of time on crafting each and every aspect of the website from scratch. The longest part of this process is organizing these features in a unique way to make the website stand out from other WordPress websites.

WordPress is easy to learn

How WordPress Web Development Is Quicker Over Custom

One of the most convenient things about WordPress is that it doesn’t have the same learning curve that comes with building a custom site. If your company chooses to develop its website with an in-house team, this decreases the time it takes to learn the software that needs to be used.

However, you can make the process of creating a website even faster with a WordPress web development company. With their expertise, a business can cut down the time it takes to create a website even further and develop a more polished end-product.

WordPress Has a Community to Rely On

A big reason that WordPress has so many templates and plugins is thanks to its robust community. The members of this community help by building the majority of these features. In turn, they’re giving your company’s website a wider variety of tools and templates to work with.

Another example of the benefits of this community is its quick response to any issues. The WordPress community has been particularly well-known to draw attention to security risks soon after they’re discovered. This works to maintain the integrity of the platform.

WordPress Offers Adaptation Possibilities

How WordPress Web Development Is Quicker Over Custom

In today’s world, a website that only works on a PC or laptop isn’t effective enough to gain successful traffic or SEO results. Websites need to be accessible from multiple platforms and mobile platforms are especially important.

WordPress answers this need by making it easy for developers to create a variety of websites. It’s just as easy and quick to make a mobile-friendly site as it is an average one.

WordPress Is Constantly Expanding

Websites aren’t something to be created and forgotten about. They need to be updated regularly to stay relevant and continue to gain traffic. Luckily, it’s easy to update and change WordPress components and plugins. Compared to creating custom updates or overhauling a custom website manually, this will save your business a significant amount of time.

All in all, your company is going to see a faster-completed website when using WordPress during the development process over creating a custom site. From the templates they offer to the minuscule learning curve, WordPress offers a brief development experience. Assets such as a robust community and convenient updates make ongoing development a breeze as well.



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