WordPress for Joomla! version

WordPress for Joomla! 3.0 has been out for a little over a month, and it has been great! We are extremely close to hitting our 300th subscriber! We’ve come across a few issues that we did not envision, and the fixes are listed below. The biggest problem has been using WordPress for Joomla! when the URL suffix is set. There were also some template issues that are now fixed.

Here are the fixes:

  • Installation Issue: If you are using Joomla!’s SEF URLs or sh404SEF and have the suffix option turned on, you will need to install the Joomla! WordPress system plugin that you can download from our website. After you install this plugin, you will need to edit it and enter the URL segment that you have picked for your blog link. For example, if you get to your blog by a URL that looks like this: you will want to enter blogs into the URL parameter on the plugin.
  • Template Issue: If you are having problems with the WordPress template and your Joomla! template, you will simply want to upgrade.
  • Template Width: We have now made the width of the template dynamic rather than static.
  • Title Issue: This deals with title encoding. Titles were being displayed as encoded twice, this is now fixed.
  • Comment Issue: After a comment was submitted, sometimes the user was redirected to an incorrect URL. This is now fixed.
  • Plugin Error: If you were experiencing a fatal error after enabling plugins we have fixed this now, it only affected PHP4 users.
  • Itemid Fixes: Issues where Joomla did not know what page it was on.
  • Super Admin Fix: Now all Joomla Admins will be Super Admins in WordPress without having to declare each one of them as such.
  • Added back to Joomla link if you are a Joomla admin. The link will redirect you to the Joomla dashboard.

To upgrade, simply download the new version of WordPress for Joomla!: You can install the new component over the current one that you have installed.

If you are using WordPress Multisite, upgrade WordPress through the Joomla! installer, then go to WordPress Multisite. Under the Super Admin menu click on the JUpdate link and upgrade the themes. This action will copy all of the WordPress core files from the single blog to the multisite version.

We have also updated the WordPress System plugin, so for those that are using it, you can simply install the new version on top of the previous one, the new version is 1.2.

I hope this solves the problems that some of you have been having.


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