Market Trends and Insights: A Guide for Modern Businesses


For a brand to enjoy considerable success in the digital world, it must stay ahead of the curve to becomes the competition.

Due to the emergence of new platforms and technologies, and with markets becoming faster-paced than ever before, it might feel like an impossible feat to keep up with changes and capture a target audience’s attention.

Help your modern business enjoy much industry success by remaining updated on the latest market trends and insights. Keep reading to find out more.

Short Video Content

Short video content lends itself perfectly to social media users’ busy lifestyles. Modern consumers don’t have the time or energy to watch long videos or read lengthy content when commuting to work, on their lunch break, or lying in bed.

Creating short videos could increase your brand engagement and even generate bigger sales. For this reason, more companies and marketers are taking the time to make Instagram reels, YouTube Shorts, and TikToks.

Short videos will perform well across many social media platforms, and you could repurpose the content on your landing pages, blogs, and third-party content to lower your bounce rate, boost web traffic, and increase sales.

Think outside the box when creating short-form video content. The more interesting and creative the content, the more likely your followers will watch, like, and share it.

Paid Advertising Trends

Paid advertising isn’t new, but it continues to prove popular with companies of all sizes. It is easy to see why; you can instantly reach your target audience after clicking “create ad.”

However, you must pay close attention to emerging paid ad trends to create a successful strategy. After all, a social media site’s popularity could wane, consumer behavior could change, algorithms could evolve, or specific keywords might become more powerful.

For instance, text-only paid ads are rising in popularity on the likes of Meta’s Threads. Therefore, you could create a text-based ad to connect with a share of its 44 million daily active users.

Also, LinkedIn is now focusing more on professional content and prioritizing content promoting knowledge and expertise, which is a factor you must consider when creating sponsored content, text ads, or message ads for the platform.

Stay updated on emerging paid advertising trends by reaching out to Sage Digi, as they can create effective campaigns to consistently improve your web traffic, brand awareness, and conversions.

Podcast Marketing

According to The Infinite Dial 2023 report from Edison Research, 42% of Americans aged 12 or older listen to a podcast each month, and 31% listen to a podcast weekly.

Unsurprisingly, companies large and small are turning their attention to podcast marketing, as it could be a powerful method to increase brand awareness and revenue.

For instance, you could increase your business’s brand recognition by sponsoring a popular podcast or running an ad during an episode’s beginning, middle, or end to grab attention.

Another option is to pay for a podcast host to promote your business, product, or service to their small or large audience.



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