JPhoto 1.4 Release

We have given JPhoto a minor upgrade to fix some bugs and improve usability. Before upgrading, please read the “How to Upgrade” section at the bottom of this post, of course.

Let’s start!


  • Improved the content plugin to allow multiple galleries to be loaded in one content article.
  • Added automatic version checking. You will now see a notice when there is a new version available.
  • New module to display images from specific gallery only (this has been released but not officially announced).
  • Slideshow plugin is now out of beta and officially released. You can see a demo HERE.
  • Added new configuration options to display category and gallery stats’ information and intro text.
  • Added new installer view on the backend. This will allow plugins to be managed through the JPhoto component.
  • Added new JPhoto plugin “Slimbox2.”


  • Fixed some issues where the Item ID was not being grabbed correctly.
  • Fixed issue where language was not loaded at the right time when building SEF URLs.
  • Bug fix to content plugin that did not allow display of galleries that had an ID with double digits.
  • Fixed bug where delete button did not work after uploading an image.
  • Fixed issue where “if” category was renamed. All of the pictures are now moved to the new folder name.
  • Completed SEF URL fixes where images were pulled incorrectly if they had the same name.
  • Stability improvements

Plugins need to be enabled for you to select them for the gallery or modules. We recommend you always leave plugins enabled. They don’t do any harm to the systems performance if you have them enabled, and they only run when JPhoto calls them in.

How to Upgrade
Download the new version of JPhoto.

Install the new version of JPhoto by simply uploading the new version over the old version. Joomla! will automatically upgrade to the latest version. If you run into any problems, simply uninstall and reinstall.

This is it! Hope you enjoy this new version of JPhoto. We have many plans in the future for this extension and we encourage suggestions.



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