coreAssist Website Maintenance

Our dedicated maintenance team is here to fully manage your technical updates and ensure your website is running at its very best.

Secure your site & prevent attacks

Out-of-date plugins and CMS leave you vulnerable to hackers and malware.

Maintenance is essential to the security, health, and optimal performance of your website. We understand: there are a lot of reasons businesses aren’t able to perform regular updates themselves.
More often than not, regular updates just take too much time from regular business operations that actually make money. The problem is that hackers are always searching for exactly this type of vulnerability.
Website Vulnerability is an unlocked door

Insecure plugins or extensions are the same as
a broken lock on your back door.

Website Maintenance Services
"Working" Doesn't Mean Secure

Updating plugins & extensions on your website helps to ensure that any security vulnerabilities are addressed promptly. Developers regularly release updates that include security patches, bug fixes, and performance enhancements.

These updates are designed to prevent attacks from hackers and keep your website secure. If a plugin or extension is vulnerable, then it might still be working, but it’s not locked down the way it needs to be to keep your site and information safe.

Website Maintenance Services
Access Points For Malware

Another problem we see is out-of-date plugins that stop working or updated plugins that harm the website's functionality because of compatibility changes after the update.

Businesses may attempt to resolve problem plugins or extensions by simply disabling and forgetting about them. Unfortunately, disabled plugins still act as access points for hackers and malware.

Website Maintenance Services
Keep Your Website Safe

We always focus on being proactive against potential disasters for our clients, not reactive. It's harder and more expensive to fix a hack than it is to perform consistent, proactive maintenance.

In addition to the tangible damage like downtime, data breaches, and repair costs, hacks also damage your reputation with your customers. If a customer sees your website is taken down or taken over by malware, they'll think twice about trusting you again.

Our coreAssist Maintenance Plan

Website maintenance with a human touch.

Website Maintenance Services
You go back to business, we'll take care of the maintenance

Our coreAssist Maintenance Plan Covers:

We answer the phone, you get answers

We always welcome the chance to chat with our existing or future clients, and we don’t screen our calls! You can call us right now if you have questions about coreAssist, web development, or if you want to chat about the weather.
We know that website-related questions can be complicated, urgent, or just plain confusing.
Albert Einstein said, “If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.” We agree. The good news is at ‘corePHP’, we understand web maintenance and development from the ground up and can answer any questions that you have.
We’ve had enough being the cleanup crew

coreAssist is our answer to keeping our busy client companies ahead of the constantly evolving world of bad actors.

Website Maintenance Services
We could fill pages with horror stories

of websites being hacked, and we’ve recovered more hacked websites for desperate clients than we ever wanted to. We decided to transition from being the cleanup crew into stopping these problems before they start.

Our maintenance plan can save your business from a world of trouble by keeping your information and your website secure.

Content Management System (CMS) updates

We’ll make sure your CMS is up to date with all the latest security and maintenance releases and patches that keep your site safe.


Whether you use Joomla! or WordPress, our expert developers bring everything up to date and keep you informed on the updates we make for you.

24/7 site monitoring

We’ll keep a watchful eye on your website every hour of every day. We put a system in place to instantly alert us to any website downtime and the reason for it.
We can also:
And these are just some of the tools we can use to monitor your site 24/7.
Website Maintenance Services
Plugin and extension updates

We’ll take care of all your plugin and extension updates. This keeps your website running smoothly and safe from hackers. Out of all sites that get hacked, the majority are compromised through vulnerable plugins and extensions.

Every plugin and extension is a possible access point for hackers and malware. Plugin developers counter this by releasing updates to strengthen security and patch any vulnerabilities in the code.

Not updating plugins is an invitation for hackers to target your site, and we’ve resecured enough hacked websites to tell you hackers can & do take advantage of out-of-date, insecure code.

On top of that, obsolete plugins or extensions increase your risk of running into compatibility issues, which could frustrate your users, lose conversions, or shut down your site altogether.

Monthly emails

We will keep you up to date on updates!
Any CMS, theme, framework, template, and PHP minor updates we took care of, as well as updating all the plugin or extension updates on your website will be covered.

We’ll also review where your website stands regarding upcoming major updates, including the current version & upcoming versions of WordPress, Joomla!, etc. to ensure you’re “in the know” for budgeting purposes as quickly as possible!

We’ll keep you informed whether your site is up to date on major releases, or being deprecated and becoming vulnerable to attacks. We want you to have information as far in advance as possible so you can plan and budget for major update releases.

It’s safe to say if you have a problem, we’ve solved it before. - Give us a call:

Website Maintenance Services
Are major updates included in the plan?

Major updates have to be estimated on a case-by-case basis, so we cannot include them in coreAssist at this time.

Minor updates make fewer changes; if anything does go wrong, it’s a relatively easy problem for an expert to solve, and the expectation that some fixes will be needed is built into our coreAssist plans.

Major releases make major changes, and making major changes can cause a website to break. A lot of the time everything works out just fine, but major version updates do break sites often enough that we have to plan for the possibility of an emergency fix immediately after performing a major update. So instead, we make sure to talk to you about major version updates on a case-by-case basis.

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