WordPress 4 Joomla! 2.7 – Right around the corner

It’s right around the corner! Hopefully in the next day or two the new version will be out and ready.

There are still a few things to fix and a few features that might make the cut.

New Features:

– Integration with Joomla! categories
– Custom URLs – aka Permalinks (complete control)
– Importing/Exporting – importing from myBlog will be available
– Multi-file upload – aka Flash uploader

Bug Fixes:

– All URLs now have an Itemid
– Better support for all URL query strings for SEF URLs
– XML-RPC – login against Joomla!’s user password hash
– A more stable installation
– RSS Feed URLs liking to proper post
– Google Gears path fixes.

Future Plans:

– Get as many plugins working within Joomla! as humanly possible!
– Work on WordPress MU 2.7

What would you like to see in the future for this extension?


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