Useful WordPress Tips and Tricks : Part Two

We are back with another list of some handy tips and tricks for your WordPress of WordPress for Joomla powered website or blog.

Have a look at the 10 tips and tricks that you can apply on your WordPress site.

PDF Viewer Shortcode

Offer an option to your visitors to view PDFs hosted on your server by adding some shortcodes to your blog posts.

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Show Top Contributors

You can now display the top contributors on your site using this trick and without using any plugin.

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Load Posts from Current Week

Load all the posts from the current week with this cool trick.

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Subscribe to Categories

Allow your visitors to subscribe to a particular category they like instead of subscribing to all posts in the blog.

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Add Facebook Follow Buttons for Authors

Add Facebook follow buttons for different authors in an WordPress blog with this trick.

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Redirect to Custom Page after Registration

Redirect your users to a custom page after they have completed registration on your WordPress site using this trick.

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Clickable Phone Numbers for Smartphones

Add some clickable phone numbers which can be easily recognized by various smartphones and would allow your visitors to call you or your office without any hassle.

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Changing Author URLs

Customize your author URLs to the way you want using this short trick.

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Email Alert for 404

Get an email alert when any 404 error occurs on your website so that you can be aware all the time about outdated or missing pages on your blog.

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Adding Rich Contact Information

You can easily add rich contact information which will be displayed on the Google SERPs, giving your blog an extra edge over others.

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Well, we finally come to the end of this list. Hope you have enjoyed all the tricks and tips above to enhance your WordPress site. Watch out for more.


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