Top 10 iOS 13 Features That’ll Excite Mobile App Developers in 2020

Mobile app development trends change frequently. Every year, there arises something new that attracts the attention of all. Whether you are just an IOS user or an IOS app development company, you might very well be aware of Apple’s latest release, yes we are talking about IOS 13.

Rollback to the time when apple first took to the stands to announce the list of new features added with the ios 13 updates. Days after the denouncement, there was a buzz of what’s good and what’s below the mark.

Developers indulged in testing and trying each feature to keep their apps updated and on par with the industrial trends. In case you missed the debate, don’t worry we got your back.

This article has been specifically designed to help IOS app development company keep track of the latest IOS features and adhere to the same while developing excellent apps.

10 IOS 13 Features To Keep An Eye Upon in 2020

Without a doubt, the all-new iOS 13 comes with plenty of features and functionalities proven to enhance the overall functioning of mobile apps. If you aren’t sure whether to update your device to the news release, here are the top 10 features that would excite you to the core.

  • Silent Unknown Callers Mode

This is one of the most loved features of IOS 13. It is a very common thing to receive calls from marketing teams, advertising agencies, and spammers. Definitely, you aren’t in a mood to pick up the call, let alone entertain them. To date, you would have been accustomed to disconnecting the call or turning the same, silent. Blocking such calls would be an option but given the extent of calls you might receive, it is not an excellent option. However, with iOS 13, you can seamlessly direct these calls to the voice mailbox.

  • Navigate to the settings
  • Click on Phone.
  • Scroll down to find the Silence Unknown Callers option.
  • Switch this on.

Once you do this, you will no longer receive calls from unknown or spammy numbers. You won’t even get a sound for the call.

Attractive right?

  • Dark Mode

If you were given a choice between light mode and dark mode, you would definitely opt for the latter. However, until recent times, this mode wasn’t much into action. You would need to stick to the light mode, adjust the brightness and fight with your device’s battery to stay alive. Though most of the applications today support dark mode feature, if your device isn’t compatible with the same, you cannot experience the same. With iOS 13, you can now effectively embed the dark mode feature. Apparently, it is the most awaited feature of the decade and would give you the ease to customize your app on the go.

  • Low Data Mode

Another eye-catching feature that would keep the iphone app development company on toes is one of low data mode. Ever thought about how to track users who experience connectivity issues. The rising price hike of data plans might weary users as they cannot afford to use apps paying huge amounts of data charges. With the onset of the low data mode, all of the users and the developers would take a deep and satisfactory breath. With the low data mode, users can easily restrict mobile data access and cut down the total data usage. To activate the above, you would need to:

  • Navigate to the settings
  • Click on Cellular option
  • You will see the Low Data Mode options
  • Select the same to activate it.
  • Quick Path Keyboard

Bored with typing on the keyboard? Looking for some cool ways to enter information and say no to the touch & type form of a keyboard. Well, the solution is here. As Apple released the iOS 13 feature list, it announced the addition of the quick path keyboard. Swipe and glide through the keyboard and browse on the go. Earlier, iOS mobile app development companies were reliant on third party services such as Swift Key to embed keyboard operations. Mtoag, one of the popularly known swift app development company encompasses an array of choices to deploy quick path keyboard within the app

  • Dual Mode Screenshots

Recall the time when you had to click the image of a website, you had to struggle with getting all in a single shot right? Ok, you don’t need to rummage to click screenshots anymore. With the latest upload, Apple has introduced the dual mode screenshot feature in Safari Tab. It comes with two different modes, one that Screen mode and the Full Page mode. Where the former is confined to taking a snap of the image on the screen, the full page mode is handy when you need to take the screenshot of the entire page, maybe a website. So, remove all the third-party apps that you downloaded to take full-page screenshots.

  • Tools To Edit Videos/Photos

Stuffed your mobile device with different photo editing tools? It’s time that you big a goodbye this new year. An exciting mobile app development trends, photo editing tools are a must in every device. Though Apple did not support this feature, it now backs the same with the release of iOS 13. Add your personal touch, embed images, create shadows and integrate filters with this new update.

  • Better Map Knowledge

In the era where Uber does all for you, maps are an important aspect of every mobile device. If your device’s map apps aren’t efficient and lack significant functionality, it is of no use. After the release of iOS 13, Apple has added extra features and functionalities in the map apps. Better routes, accurate details, and some ground-up modifications, we also have an Appear about option that gives a real-time rather a 3D view of the place. So, it is no doubt an excellent feature to eye upon in the coming year.

  • Personalized Voice Assistant

Oh how can forget this. One of the most happening and talked about features of Apple iOS 13 release is the customized voice of Siri, Apple’s voice assistant. Until today, the voice seemed computerized and lacked a personal touch but now it is far more crisp, clear and attractive. The integration of neural TTS technology along with voice assistants have given Siri a better feel. It appears to be more human-like and less robotized. This has opened doors for iOS app development companies to enter into newer app development avenues. If you are one, it’s time to gear up.

  • Updated Emojis

Users love this and to the core. One of the highly successful ways of grabbing user attention is by giving them the ease and flexibility to use emoticons and emojis. But iOS 13 adds memojis too. Another thing added in the new release is the option for emoji search. This is seen to help a business grow as users have been looking for the same, for a long time. Mouse, cow, and octopus are the three new addition in the emoji list. Exciting, right?

  • Reminder List

People today are highly reliant on reminding apps where they can schedule their day to day activity and receive updates. What if these apps fail to send reminders? Frustrating enough to compel you to delete the app. Ok, you don’t have to take the pain of downloading an app, trying it and then deleting the same. Apple’s iOS 13 update has made an attempt to update and enhance the reminder apps. It has an easy to use and simple interface, with filters and notifications that are flagged, scheduled and under the ALl list. You can also synchronize the list with message conversations.

Final Word

It seems like a lot in a plate but trust me if you are a regular user, you would find it highly engaging. In case, you are an iOS app development company, you would have a lot to work upon and experiment with. Further, adopting such features would take your apps to the next level and etch success.

Stop thinking and get started today!

Author Profile-

Nikhil Bansal is the CEO and Founder of Apptunix, a leading Mobile App Development company helping businesses in streamlining their processes with powerful and intuitive mobile apps. With extensive experience in iOS app development, he has established himself as a highly-focused Solution Architect and UX expert, the one who is always ready to make efforts in the direction where technology blends with lives.



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