What Is the Salary of CCNP Network Engineer in 2021?

What is the salary of CCNP network engineer in 2021? Unconsciously, two months have passed since 2021. Are you ready to conquer Cisco Certification or Huawei Certification? After the previous Cisco Certification Reform, Cisco CCNP has also become the choice of many people, mainly because the written test of CCNP and the written test of CCIE are in the same direction and have strong selectivity. For those who take Cisco CCNP Exam, “what is the salary of CCNP Network Engineer in 2021?” is a very concerned issue. After all, we want to verify it, because we all want to have better salary and live a better life. So What is the salary of CCNP Network Engineer in 2021?

What can CCNP Network Engineer do? Before understanding the salary of CCNP Network Engineer, let’s talk about what CCNP Network Engineer can do. In fact, it’s not difficult for a network engineer to find a job, because they can choose too many companies. Whether it is in manufacturer, integrator, agent, government agency, financial institution or large companies, as long as where there the network equipment is used, network engineers are needed to maintain it. Therefore, what CCNP should do mainly depends on personal interests and choices. Of course, if you want to go to the manufacturer, the company may have higher requirements for education. If you are an agent, the threshold may be lower. If you choose to become an agent, you will improve yourself faster. If you are a CCNP, you can choose to be a Pre-sales Network Engineer or a Front-line Technical Support Engineer in the After-sales Technical Department. If you want something more challenging, you can go to the Development Department and become a test engineer, a development engineer, an enterprise manager or a project manager, etc.

The Salary of CCNP Network Engineer

As for the salary of CCNP Network Engineer, of course, there are many influencing factors. Firstly, the salary level of your city, which will be relatively high in the first and second tier cities. Secondly, your personal work experience. If you have rich work experience, you can also choose a career at the level of supervisor and manager, and your salary will be relatively high. For example, the annual salary of a manufacturer’s technical department manager is about USD 23000 to 77000. If you have good technology, your salary will be higher. In addition to good technology, we should also have soft power such as management ability, communication ability and so on. Another factor is the nature of the company. If the nature of your company is different, your salary will be different. In short, the salary of CCNP Network Engineer vary greatly, which depends on personal conditions.

How can CCNP Network Engineers improve themselves? If you want to be more competitive, the most direct way to improve yourself is to study. You can achieve it by taking a higher-level certification, that is, Cisco CCIE. If you want to take CCIE Exam now, you should take an experimental test after the written test of CCNP. In fact, it is still very difficult to take an 8-hour experimental operation. If you have CCIE Certification and some personal experience, your salary may be more considerable.

The salary of CCNP Network Engineer in 2021 is still very high, but you can also upgrade your ability to make your salary higher and higher!



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