Why Learn C++ Before PHP?

It’s one of the most common debates that’s discussed between software and web developers. What programming language should beginners learn first? There’s no right or wrong answer – any combination of learning languages would work. Many experts and web developers believe learning PHP before C++ is the only way forward for a number of reasons. However, there are also benefits to learning C++ before PHP, and these are outlined below.

C++ is the Mother of All Languages

This isn’t a fact, but C++ is known to be the mother of all programming languages on the development scene. While many people see the benefits of learning PHP before C++, many others can see the benefits of going in the opposite direction. In conclusion, C++ could be an option to learn first because it will give you an easy learning foundation to work from when it comes to learning PHP and other backend programming languages. It’ll also make learning the popular frontend languages like HTML and JavaScript as easy as pie.

C++ is Much More Complex

This might not necessarily be a benefit to your learning experience at first, but it will prove to be an excellent benefit when it comes to learning other languages like PHP. As stated above, C++ is the mother of all languages (whether you agree with that or not) and it’s also one of the most extensive languages out there. Therefore, it’s very complicated to learn and it’ll certainly test your brain cells. This could give you the platform needed to make PHP learning in the future very easy to achieve.

There Are More Courses to Learn Complex Programming Languages

There are thousands of classes to take when it comes to learning C++ and, although there are more resources available online for PHP fanatics, official courses for C++ learners are the way forward. For example, if you want to obtain a software development masters degree, that’s easily possible with the help of the online MSSD degree programs such as the one’s Maryville University offer. There are also thousands of other online courses that can be undertaken at home to test your knowledge in C++.

Gain the Knowledge from Where It All Began

Although PHP is one of the most popular programming languages around, C++ and C# were used to help build the internet and PHP itself. Without the C languages, the internet as you know it likely wouldn’t exist. Or, at least, the software and games you love to play from your desktop would be unheard of. Consider learning the C languages to better your knowledge of everything computer related and it’ll provide a stepping stone for you to easily learn other tough programming languages such as PHP when you’re ready to dip into web development programming.

Many developers will tell you to learn basic frontend programming languages like HTML, but if you’re not looking to waste any time, jumping in right at the deep end and learning C++ from the off could be a wise move.


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