6 Features Your Website Needs to Compel and Captivate Audiences

Many online businesses choose to compete with their competition with various marketing strategies and cheaper prices for their products and/or services on their website. However, they’re not the only way you can compete. Consumers also rely on a good experience when it comes to navigating websites, so if you’re willing to make numerous changes to your site this year, it could increase your customer base considerably.

Whether you own a full-scale e-commerce business or you’re just a local gardener, the below features are sure to help compel and captivate your audience to help boost conversions.

Website Video Background

The type of site and business you own will determine how a video background feature will benefit you. Many businesses overlook this basic feature, but it’s surprising how much attention it gets. If a customer likes your site, there’s no reason why they won’t spend an extra few minutes of their time looking at your products and services in action. It’s simple jaw-dropping features like video backgrounds that can make all the difference when it comes to securing new clients.

Sticky Navigations

Sticky navigation adds a bit of character to any design, so it’s very much a feature that you need to implement to ensure UX (User Experience) is of the highest quality. Sticky navigation can be implemented relatively easy, but if you wish to hire a company to do it for you, getting in touch with someone like ourselves ‘corePHP’ or others out on the market such as Pelling Design who have been established for nearly 40 years would, of course, be a wise choice.

Full One-Page Design Website

One-page designs are becoming popular on the web because they make navigation for the end user simple. Such a feature can be a hard one to implement and more often than not, a costly process. However, because users have a much easier time navigating, it means conversions are instantly boosted. With the help of the JavaScript programming language, it means users only need to click on a link and it’ll take them to a section of the site they’re looking for. For example, if they wanted to fill out a contact form, they could simply click on the “Contact” link and they’ll be taken straight down to the bottom of the page where they can fill out the form. No slow loading pages.

Live Chat Features

While a good live chat integration isn’t necessarily a feature that’s going to give your website any added benefits in terms of design, it’s still a feature that needs to be considered to help improve customer service. This year we implemented Live Chat and it surely boosted our conversations with our users and we have made services and product sales via this channel. Many businesses don’t have the time to offer this feature, but if you run an e-commerce store and you’re online most of the day anyway, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be around to answer any pre-sales questions or support the customers you already have.

Look at these top live chat scripts that’ll help your business thrive. The one we choose was Crisp and we are not looking back. Best investment

Website Slideshows

Slideshows at the top of the page that can attract customers to the content that your site offers. It’s an easy feature to implement and it’s perfect for those businesses looking to show off the work they’ve completed for previous clients.

Character Illustrations

Character illustrations are excellent additions to any business website serving any industry. If you can add a human touch to your website, it’ll help make potential clients feel more comfortable in dealing with you. Many businesses out there treat their clients as numbers rather than people, so if you can paint your business in a human light, there’s no reason why you can’t boost sales. Character designs also add an instant wow-factor that’ll only interest potential clients further.

The above six features are just some of the many features available for your site in 2017. The more features you implement to better the experience of navigation for users, the more sales you’re going to get. But remember to do them effectively for the most optimal result. Feel free to contact the team here at ‘corePHP’ to guide you and build out the solution that will provide you the best success.


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