Marketing Technologies Every Business Needs

There are now a plethora of new marketing technologies available that are designed to aid in the marketing process. Some software is designed to aid in the production of individual pieces of advertising media, others are designed to aid in the process of running the campaign itself. Businesses have been surprisingly slow to adapt to the possibilities opened up by business marketing technologies, but there is now a growing appreciation for the value they offer.
Marketing technologies, including software, represent a strong return on investment (ROI) meaning that for every dollar invested in the technology a business can expect to receive several dollars back in sales. Below are some of the technologies that are radically changing the approach a number of businesses are taking to marketing.

Marketing Automation Tools

Marketing automation tools are, as the name implies, tools which are designed to automate as much of the marketing process as possible. There are many different software packages available, some aimed at different types of business. Take a read of the top 10 marketing automation tools available at the moment if you’re looking to implement this type of software in your business.

Marketing Technologies for Analytics

It is now easier than ever to gather and understand data about the behavior of both individuals and groups. The internet is a particularly powerful tool in this pursuit; not only does it make it exceptionally easy to gather the data, we can also follow an individual’s online movements and choices without having to collect anything which would identify them personally. The collecting of anonymized data has been a massive game changer for the data analytics industry as it helps remove a number of ethical and legal concerns. In particular, it is generally agreed that because anonymized data can’t be definitively tied to an individual, it is less intrusive on individual privacy than other methods.

Marketing analytics is increasingly being used to target marketing to more and more specific audiences, we now have the capability to identify whether users will be interested in particular products and services based on their past behavior. They can then be served with targeted adverts that are relevant to them and their interests. This radically increases the efficiency of marketing campaigns and therefore leads to a much better ROI.

Conversion Optimization

Marketing technologies for conversion optimization are essentially the process of improving the percentage of visitors to your website who then go on to make a purchase. Sometimes businesses might have a different conversion objective; for example, if a business is looking to encourage more visitors to sign up to their mailing list then they would measure their conversion rate as the number of visitors who go on to fill in the necessary form.

There are a number of different approaches that businesses can take in pursuit of conversion optimization, and the best option will depend on individual circumstances as much as anything else. Analytics software can help you gain a deeper understanding of how visitors to your site behave.

New technologies are rapidly transforming the nature of different marketing technolgoies on the market today, giving previously unthinkable power to companies who are smart and take advantage of the new opportunities in front of them.


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