JomSocial 1.8 “Wazi” is here with a special discount


It has been a long wait, but it is finally here! JomSocial finally announces that JomSocial 1.8 “Wazi”, which means “open” (in Swahili no less!), is now available for download! Here at ‘corePHP’ we are excited about this release and knowing that Community ACL integrates with JomSocial with the permission of the JomSocial team we are extending a 30% discount offer to all of our users . We will be releasing this coupon code via our newsletter. Sign up today to get it as we are sending out VERY SOON!!!

Straight from JomSocial themselves:

So, what can you expect ? Lots and lots of enhancement. Simply put, we believe it is the best self-hosted social network platform you can buy today!

Integrated Event Management

altThis is HUGE and we are particularly proud of this feature. What it does is to allow you to create and manage events easily. It will also intelligently display map as required with zero configuration. You can define how many “seats” available for the event, which allows you to limit event participants.

Profile video support

altYes, we all know what profile picture is, those little avatars you see at your profile page. With JomSocial 1.8, we introduce something new, profile video! Introduce yourself, be more than just a picture.

Drag & Drop application positioning

altIn previous release, there is only 1 position where you can display your application, which is in the main content section. In 1.8, we have introduced a “sidebar” content position. This gives users a lot more flexibility where an app can be displayed. Oh, you just need to drag and drop your apps to the desired position.

Smarter, more informative activity stream

altYou will notice a much better, more informative activity stream in this new version. We spent a lot of time refining each activity. It will automatically summarize the content for the activities if necessary.

Enhanced media handling

Handling of photos and video has been improved in so many ways. During photo upload for example, you will be able to preview the uploaded photos immediately. In album view, you can now re-arrange your photos easily, with a simple drag & drop operation. Browsing those photos is now a little easier with support for keyboard navigation.

These are just some of the new features. You might notice some features right away, but some might need a couple of clicks to be discovered. Take it for a spin! Fun guaranteed!


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