jomCDN Speeds Up Joomla! Site

Do you ever feel like it takes forever to load your Joomla! site? Well, with ‘corePHP’s’ jomCDN you will be able to maximize bandwidth, as well as load speeds. Clients all over the world will be able to have instant access to your Joomla! website. What does CDN stand for? CDN means content distribution network, or a content delivery network.

A CDN is a system of computers located worldwide that contain copies of data. Each client accesses the copy of the date which is nearest to them, instead of pulling it directly from a central server. By pulling from a closer server, this speeds up load time and eliminates bottlenecking of data. jomCDN automatically compiles the assets (images, javascript files, css files, etc.), syncs them to Amazon servers or Rackspace servers, and automatically relinks all of your page content to the the selected service servers.

jomCDN is built specifically for Joomla! and is guaranteed to speed up your website and reduce your server’s bandwidth. Joomla! sites have been clocked at speeds up to 80% faster when using jomCDN.

Research shows that a slow loading website will lose visitors. If visitors equal sales for your website, you can’t afford to lose a single one! When pages load faster, visitors stay longer and click on more pages. In 2009, Akamai revealed in a study that the new threshold for ecommerce sites is 2 seconds. That means if a visitor does not see the page in 2 seconds, they’re likely to leave! Additionally, Google will penalize your pagerank if your website loads slowly. Don’t risk it! Get jomCDN today.

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Vince Baker
‘corePHP’ Contributing Writer


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