Instagram Marketing Ideas and Best SEO Tools for eCommerce Websites

Are you looking to attract more sales for your eCommerce business? You need to pay more attention to social media marketing and the SEO health of your website.

As an eCommerce business, you need a robust social media marketing strategy that covers at least the top three social media platforms that are relevant to your business. Instagram is only second to Facebook when it comes to relevance for the average eCommerce business.

You can use Instagram to showcase your products, engage with your target audience, and provide speedy customer service. Here are some powerful Instagram marketing ideas for any eCommerce website.

Post more than product shots

Just like on other marketing channels, your content is very important when it comes to Instagram marketing. Some eCommerce business owners post only posting generic images of their products. This is not enough to attract your target audience.

You need to mix things up with videos and GIFs. Short clips of your products will do more to attract your audience. Occasionally, spice things up with videos of your product in action or in its natural habitat.

It is the perfect way to help your audience see how the specific items can solve their problems, thus increasing your chances of landing a conversion. Don’t forget to post photos and videos of your staff, events and anything else that can help your audience form an emotional attachment to your brand.

Promote your products’ best features

Posting a bland shot or video of your product won’t do enough to convince your Instagram followers to buy from you. Spend time to highlight the best features of the product with your shots. If you are selling a shoe, for example, show the design of the sole, the smoothness of the stitches, the shape from different angles, etc.

With more information, your customers will be more likely to buy from you.

Embrace Instagram ads

Although it is possible to generate more sales on Instagram without spending money, using adverts will get you there faster. It allows you to put your products directly in the feed of your target audience. You don’t have to rely on them searching for the product first, or organically running into your profile.

If your goal is to direct people to your website, include the appropriate website page link in your adverts. This approach will yield even more benefits when Instagram’s shoppable post feature is launched.

Use hashtags creatively

Hashtags are an important part of the Instagram experience. It is why you are allowed to use more than two dozen hashtags in a post. People use it to discover posts they are interested in, which can lead to finding products to purchase.

Hashtags are an excellent way to build brand exposure for your eCommerce business. However, you can’t just use them blindly. You need to research hashtags that are relevant to your business and then create a plan for using them. A variety of platforms offer automated hashtag research and targeting, to simplify the process.

Interact with your audience

Social media is a two-way street. Even as an eCommerce business owner, you need the interaction with your followers as you build a relationship with them, they will be more likely to become loyal to your brand, hence ensuring repeat business.

Respond to queries, thank people that have something positive to say about your brand, resolve all problems as peacefully as possible, and take part in general light-hearted conversations. Positive interactions also reinforce your social proof. This helps people that were undecided when they landed on your page to go from skeptical to paying customers.

After you have handled the Instagram side of things, you shouldn’t rest on your laurels. You need to do more to improve your ranking in the search results. With the numerous changes search engines make per year, it is harder than ever for eCommerce owners, and indeed everyone else, to go to bed on the SEO front.

To stay ahead of the curve at all times, here are some of the best SEO tools for your eCommerce business:


Botify is an SEO crawler that analyses your website and ensures it is optimized to rank well on Google. It uses a proprietary script to go through your eCommerce website, and then provide you with actionable data that can help you to increase traffic and revenue.

The Sistrix Toolbox

Sistrix is designed to make Google rankings transparent and very easy to understand. With this SEO tool, you can confirm the top indicators that are helping a website to rank in its position. It is a perfect eCommerce SEO tool for when you need to analyze the competition.

Screaming Frog Spider Tool

This tool is a desktop extension designed to analyze your website’s SEO health. At the end of a scan or crawl, the results displayed will show you an insight into important SEO elements such as alt tags, 301 redirects, title tags and more. With the data generated, you can run SEO maintenance on your store and improve your position in the search rankings.

This Instagram analytics tool is used to gain insights into your Instagram account and hashtag specifics. You will find audience insights, competitor analysis, engagement analytics and more. The generated data is exported in a PDF for easy consumption.

Moz Pro-Link Explorer

With its extensive link index, Moz Pro-Link Explorer is an important ally in any link building campaign. Its algorithm copies Google’s index to establish an order of priority for links. It will help you to create effective link strategies, find new link prospects, and track the progress of your link building campaigns.


The combination of Instagram marketing and a perfect understanding of your eCommerce site’s SEO situation is a sure way to increase your conversion rate. Take your time to create a strategy that covers both of these areas. Once you’re confident with the strategy, commit yourself to execute it with unrelenting consistency.



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