The Importance of File Sharing In Project Management

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File sharing is the public sharing of computer files, data, or space in a network. This network also has different levels of access privilege. Emails are usually shared outside the network and this is what makes it different from the term ‘file sharing’. This file management process allows a number of people to use the same file at the same time. A file sharing system usually has administrators that dictate how much access everyone can have on any particular file shared in the network. Project management involves leading a team to achieve a common goal. As a project manager who wants to record fantastic success, you should embrace the culture of file sharing. Here are some of the reasons why.

Greater security

When files are maintained within an office system, you will have better control over who can access, make editions, or print them. Uploading files to a third-party platform can’t give you any assurances that your files won’t be compromised since you are not sure of the safety measures the platform has implemented. You are only sure of your own internal system and if you are able to put all the security measures in place, you can secure your files with a lot of confidence. File security is very important to a project manager because if there is an attack on the files they are using for work, it could significantly hamper their plans for quick and successful project delivery.

Improved productivity

A good file-sharing software simplifies business processes and leads to increased productivity. Employees now have the confidence of working from home because they can access any file they want without having to be physically present at the office. One advantage of file sharing in project management is the fact that the project gets completed on time and more effectively. When you integrate file sharing, your team gets to use several tools that can boost their output.

Handling larger files is easier

Most times the size of a file can cause disruptions to a project moving forward simply because of the challenge of sharing such a file. You can imagine sharing a file of about 100GB at once for one of the clients working on a project to make his or her own contribution. Unless you have been able to purchase super-fast software for executing this, you may spend so many hours trying to get it across. This will mean that every other decision-making to be done using that file would be put on hold at that moment. Even with another file sharing option, employees will be forced to either split the files, compress the files, or create an FTP server. All these options are time-consuming and costly too. There is another problem of the file having gone through but eating the receiver’s email storage space. All these issues can be averted if the file is shared in one single network and those that need access to perform their own part of the project are granted access. This way, handling larger files is easier and the project can be completed on time.


One of the advantages of a file-sharing application amongst others is the fact that you can store your files during the process. The management, sharing, and collaboration of these documents can all be done in one place which is a very effective way of working with files. When you also need to send documents to and fro via e-mail, this central platform will come in handy. Apart from sending via email, you can use a very fast and reliable file sharing platform called Massive. It rides on a dedicated global accelerated network with over 150 servers worldwide and can have the file transferred to you at the fastest speed you could ever imagine. Massive is very confident of the file-sharing services that they are willing to refund your full fee payment if, for any reason within their control, your work is delayed because they were not able to deliver in time.

Better collaboration

Collaboration amongst team members when executing a project is very important and project managers are always on top of this to make sure everything goes well. One of the advantages of working with files in the same online space at the same time is to help the team collaborate more on documents they have access to at the same time. Managers should understand the key merits of project management software to be able to appreciate how it can improve the productivity of their team. This software makes it possible for a standardized and customizable workflow.

Final word

There are so many reasons why project managers delay in completing projects and delivering them. The delay in processes leading to the completion of the different tasks that make up the project can be phased out with better collaboration. One of the ways to achieve this is by implementing an improved process of granting team members access to files. File sharing is the solution to any issues regarding having regular access to files and ensuring that your files are safe while at it. You should consider improving things henceforth as a project manager by implementing an effective file sharing system.



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