Guest Posting, Is It The Future Of SEO Or It’s Gone

There are a lot of rumors regarding guest posting, and one among them is that it’s no longer a feasible option for increasing search rankings. Google is indeed penalizing the businesses who are not following their terms and conditions. However, regardless of what people may say guest posting on high traffic blogs is still a needy option to fetch backlinks. And notably, backlinks are amongst the top 3 signals for ranking in the search results.

Guest posting is not a wrong or bad thing, neither has it gone somewhere, it had been simply abused by spammy, black hat marketers for a long time. So let’s put some light on guest posting, how it can benefit you for SEO and link building purposes.

Establish authority

Nowadays, marketing is all about authorization. Even including the most immeasurable content, it will be challenging to transform your readers toward true subscribers or paying consumers if they don’t believe in your brand name.

By contributing to additional trustworthy blogs, you receive the opportunity to establish your credibility as a data source. It will address your target readers that you are someone who is acknowledged by authentic trademarks. And as an outcome, they will be further responsive to any value proposition you may present in your website.

Generates brand-new leads

There is a possibility that the visitors who see your blog post can transform into brand-new leads for your enterprise. When you start guest posting you are networking with different potential leads. The guests that are exposed to your guest post might be fascinated with your information and reach out to you for further data regarding your services. Even if they don’t reach out to you promptly, they have made a definite connection with you and the services you provide. If you are not seeming for leads, it can also help you develop connections and new relations in the industry you serve in.

 More and more link juice

A website that doesn’t even earn a single penny is sure of no use. Entertaining a site involves employing sources such as struggles, funds, time, etc. So why waste such resources? Through guest posting, you will gain not only funds but will additionally count on the more eminent pages of the search engines.

But how is that possible? Well, among all, one of the usual standards for search engines is the property of links that lead to a website. These are termed as the off-page links. Professionals at white label link building agency opine that the more extended links you own from appropriate sites that lead to your website, the more prominent your possibilities are getting at the top of the search results. With guest posting on sites that are linked to or are alike to your website, you are expanding the level of ranking through quality backlinks.

It is asserted that guest posting is dead for SEO, but it’s a big NO, it is yet an efficient approach for SEO and marketing. It serves you to reach your target audience and get connected with them for a longer time.



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