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Google AdSense is a platform to earn a decent recurring income from blogging. But, along with regular earnings, Google AdSense also gives its users peace of mind. Unlike other ad networks, such as PropellerAds,, and more, Google AdSense is much ahead of them in all respects. And, this popularity is all because of the trust factor that the platform receives with the brand name “Google” associated with it.

We all work hard to earn money and live a good life. But, what if our hard work’s money is delayed or not paid? Thank God that is not the case with Google AdSense. With Google in its name, we expect to be paid in full and on time. Therefore, to make you aware of this fantastic platform called “Google AdSense” for bloggers, we have prepared an encyclopedia for our readers that they too reap benefits from the great tool.

What Does Google AdSense Mean?

Google AdSense is a simple and free online tool that helps bloggers and publishers earn money by showcasing ads next to their online content. If you are a blogger and want to make extra money besides your blogging, you can use AdSense as a means to display engaging and relevant ads to your website visitors. The platform even allows you to look and feel the ads you advertise to match the purpose of your website.

In March 2003, Google AdSense officially launched. However, the tool’s actual name was Google Acquired Applied Semantics, which changed to AdSense in April 2003. Initially, Google AdSense offered a referral program, which is available only to a few selected publishers. The best feature of Google AdSense is the quality of ads it serves. The tool shows ads to the readers based on their interest or context of the article he is reading, known as contextual ads.

There is this other way also, in which Google AdSense shows ads on your website, i.e., using the cookie method. Then, depending on your search history, Google AdSense shows targeted advertisements with a better conversion rate. In simple words, through the cookie method, AdSense ensures that the visitors see the targeted ads and you receive more clicks and higher payouts.

Why Choose Google AdSense Over Other Ad Networks?

Google AdSense is different from other ad networks because the ads that Google Ads serves are delivered to your website. Then, depending on the type of ad displayed on your website, Google shall pay you based on ad impressions or the user clicks on ads.

With AdSense, you get automatic and instant access to a significant source of advertiser demand, which would mean ads for all your online content, competition for your ad spaces, and more relevant ads. Other reasons to choose AdSense over other ad networks are:

  • Google AdSense is easy to set up.
  • AdSense gives you recognition.
  • You need only one AdSense account for all your websites.
  • You can trust and bank upon the AdSense payment system.

How Does Google AdSense Work?

AdSense is a medium for publishers and bloggers to make money from the content published on their websites. The operational structure of the tool is easy. It matches ads to your website depending on your post’s content and the visitors that come. These advertisements are created and paid for by advertisers who want to market their products/services. These advertisers have a different pay structure for various ads, so your earnings will vary according to the ads you choose to display on your site. Generally, Google AdSense works in three steps, viz:

You make ad spaces available on your website:

You create space to feature ads on your website by pasting ad codes on your site and choose the places where you want to display the ads.

The ads with the highest payment appear on your website:

A real-time auction is conducted where advertisers bid to show their ads in your ad spaces. The advertisers whose ads bid the highest display their advertisements on your website.

Hola, you receive your payments:

Google AdSense is responsible for billing all the networks and advertisers for the ads displayed on your website. Google acts as a medium in between to make sure that the advertisers do not dupe you from your rightful payment and you receive it in due time.

After following the above three steps, your duty as a blogger is to focus on driving more traffic to your blog so that you start earning that extra income. As said above, you get paid when your visitor clicks on the ads that are displayed by AdSense or in some cases when they only see the ad.

To Conclude

Google AdSense is a legitimate advertising program by Google. We have tried our best to make it the most robust guide on Google AdSense by incorporating all the necessary and relevant information on the tool to help you get started with it. However, we did not mention above that Google AdSense is very strict about its policies. So, before starting, you must read them carefully to learn how AdSense ethically helps its users monetize using their tools.

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