How to get more likes on Facebook?

Any number of likes you have on your Facebook page will not seem sufficient enough. If you are into social media marketing, you would probably understand that this number is quite an important one.

Facebook offers a huge potential audience for your business, thanks to its two billion users. So, the first thing you may think – what is the big deal of getting new likes? However, you also have to understand that there are more than 60 million Facebook business pages; this means that there is stiff competition for those valuable likes.

While procuring more Facebook likes on your page is very competitive and tough, it certainly is not impossible.

Methods that can help you get more likes on your Facebook page

With the help of these methods, you should be able to increase the likes on your page organically:

Buy Facebook likes

Before we get in-depth with different methods of organically getting likes, let us first understand one inorganic solution. You can choose to buy Facebook likes for your page and also likes, comments, and shares for your posts.

There are tools and programs that are developed to deliver you ‘n’ number of Facebook likes. The prices of using these services will depend on how many likes you are looking for; however, most of these services are very pocket-friendly and safe as well. Your Facebook page will not be banned from using these services.

Develop a smart marketing strategy

Now that we have discussed the inorganic method of increasing Facebook likes, let us now dive into some organic methods. Similar to any marketing strategy, you must have a well-devised marketing strategy for your Facebook page.

While you are developing the strategy, you need to look at your target audiences. The aim to collect likes should be from followers that will bring value to your page via regular engagement. Another aspect here is to research your competition and keep a close eye on their strategies and tactics.

Optimize your Facebook profile page

No one wants to ‘like’ an empty or incomplete Facebook brand page. Therefore, you need to ensure that you fill out the About section of the page. The About section will provide key details about your business to audiences that are looking for specific information. Additionally, you can also add a company overview, foundation date, contact information, and even brand milestones.

Adding information about your Facebook page will add credibility and will make the potential user leave behind a like. The information you provide will also appear in searches outside Facebook, like Google.

Choose an attractive profile and cover photos

Putting up a creative and funny profile and cover pictures will create a great first impression on your target audience. For your profile photo, the logo of your brand usually works; however, you can try to get creative with the cover photo.

When you upload an image, you need to ensure that the picture conveys what your business is all about. For instance, you can upload a sneak-peek of a product that you are about to launch or a photo of your entire team. Whatever picture you end up choosing, ensure that it captures the essence of your brand.

Cross-promote your Facebook page on other social media platforms

Almost every social media apps and platform today can be inter-connected to one another. Hence, take advantage of this fact and cross-promote your Facebook page on other platforms like Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, etc.

Do not simply post a link on your Facebook page and ask people to follow it. Instead, look for specific content like a short video or info-graphic so that you can highlight the value of your Facebook page, rather than your followers simply reading the stats through.

Always post relevant and updated content

When you are posting new content on your Facebook page, make sure that they are short and fun to read. These posts need to be such that people quickly read through them and gather as much information as you can provide.

Additionally, it also helps if you add some sort of visual media like an image or a video. These types of posts receive more likes and views than content without any.

Final thoughts

As said above, it can be a daunting experience if you want to grow the likes on your Facebook page amid the growing competition. However, the process will become much easier if you simply follow the steps mentioned above, including buying Facebook likes. Either ways, it is important to grow your Facebook likes to increase your engagement and reach.



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