5 proven ways to build high-quality Backlinks (2021)

Today most of the bloggers in the digital marketing world work for certain websites and focus on getting more views, or we can say they focus on getting at the top of the organic ranking when a user searches for a topic. The best and the most important way is by creating backlinks, backlinks play a very important role in the overall ranking of the particular website and also the overall SEO digital marketing strategy.

Backlinks can be explained as hyperlinks that connect to different websites (here a popular one for begging more views). For example, we can say Gourav is a blogger and he writes for news-related websites, and there is another blogger Danny who works for a popular magazine and he shares a link to Gourav’s website on his website. So, now people on Danny’s website can see the link to Gourav’s website and if they find it informative they will visit the website and Gourav will also get value.

So, today we will learn about how bloggers can create backlinks using tips that are proven!

Creating backlinks is not easy, but here are some proven tips to follow-

  1. Think to attack links

Of all the tips that are going to be mentioned this is one of the most useful ones. In this tip, we will know how we can attract links from our content automatically.

Yes, we can attract links from our content but the content has to be different from all others and be specified.

If you ask how to attract links automatically the content the answer is simple, by creating top-notch content. You have to research your topic thoroughly and create a blog over 2000 words, covering all the points about the topic if you want to attract links.

Also, if you want to attract links you have to update your blog often as rankings may change anytime.

There is also a strategy for this:

  1. Find popular content related to your topic.
  2. Make it more detailed, powerful, and easy to read and understand.
  3. Promote and work with people who can spread your blog.

2. Use video marketing

As you know YouTube is the second biggest search engine after Google and using YouTube for creating backlinks is a very good idea.

The first step that you have to follow to create backlinks is to have a YouTube channel at first, and then search about popular topics related to your topic.

The second step which you have to follow is adding links to the description of videos. Video digital marketing will take time but it’s useful and can work out pretty well. Video marketing will increase the exposure of your website and if it works out well then you can add many more views and get more engagement.

3. Mention and get

Do you know what reciprocity is? It’s a method of helping others before asking for help. In this loop of digital marketing services, you can use this method to gain more backlinks by sharing and commenting on others’ blogs and articles.

Before asking other bloggers to share your backlink, help them out with their blogs so that they also help you when you are in need. This way you can get more views and more people can reach your article.

  • content marketing with images

Can you create backlinks using images? The answer is yes. You can use any type of good photo editing apps to create a great and attractive photo. It’s called an infographic photo. You can simply set your infographic photo and embed it with a code to link with your main blog website and attract more backlinks. Just make sure that the photo is informative and appealing to the eyes of the readers.


So, in this content marketing loop, you have to know how to use backlinks for your blogs to boost your rankings and also to survive, and to do so we gave you some points that are proven for attracting backlinks to your blog. You can use these points to boost your blogs and website exposure. It’s not easy to get backlinks in this digital marketing competition, but by using these points you can surely gain some home boost for your blogs!

Author Bio:

Renu Bala is working as a blogger for Asclique Innovation And technology. She provides 5 proven ways to build high-quality Backlinks (2021). Get in touch with her now for any assistance regarding Digital Marketing. Follow her company, Asclique Innovation, And technology on Linkedin.


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