4 tips to skyrocket your Instagram growth.

In a world where people are most active on social platforms, brands have realized the potential of social markets to find leads and sell their products.

Instagram with over a billion active users has come out as the second-largest social platform in the world.

But this also means there’s heavy competition between content creators and brands for the share of Instagram followers.

And it becomes incredibly tough if you’re just starting your Instagram journey hoping to create to massive presence.

But don’t worry because today, we’ll discuss 4 tips to skyrocket your Instagram growth.

Let’s get started…

Post more video content

Gone are those days when Instagram used to focus on only image content.

Today, you’ve reels, IGTV, story-videos, and IG live showing Instagram is serious about videos as well.

You can even find IGTV and reels embedded in your news feed.

People are more likely to stop scrolling at a video given the fact videos play automatically without even clicking on them.

But the major reason to post videos is that they’re a great way to consume loads of information in less time.

Say you want to show your customers “How to use your newly launched thermometer.”

You can create several pages of text explaining each step, draw illustrations or take photographs of the device and later summarise each one.

Why would you do any of these when you can make a quick video with your phone showing a real-view of how to operate the device?

The whole idea of videos is to provide people a new interactive way of consuming content without wasting much of their time.

Therefore, post video content to increase your view time and engage with your followers through entertaining content.

Post at optimal hours

Timing is important on Instagram if you want people to engage with your content.

Suppose you’ve designed a brilliant infographic for your audience. If you post it at an hour when your followers aren’t online, then they’ll miss it. By the time they come online your hard worked infographic would be lost in their feed.

Most people make this mistake and expect to receive engagement.

This’s where Instagram analytics comes to play.

What is Instagram analytics?

It’s a feature that lets you measure the performance of your posts.

You can dive into individual stats and important metrics to find when your audiences are most active on the platform, their age, gender and location details.

By studying your analytics, you’ll know when to post your content.

You can also analyze your competitors’ profile to find when they post.

Therefore, make sure your content doesn’t go unnoticed by posting at optimal hours.

Step up your tagging game

How tagging works?

You create or find a post and then tag relevant profiles in it.

If your account is public, they’ll receive a notification, but if your account is private, the profile you tag will be notified only if they follow you.

Why should you tag profiles?

Tagging is a great way to build relations with popular accounts and influencers.

Given your account is public, when you tag people, they get notified showing you’re interested in their content.

This provides you the opportunity to interact with influencers in your niche who have massive followings. Chances are you might end up collaborating with them, or they might tag you in their posts. Hence, expose your profile in front of their audience.

But, remember, you must find the right influencers and profiles that are relevant to the type of content you post. This increases your chances of getting tagged back.

Spend some money on ads

First three tips help you generate growth organically, but now let’s discuss how you can use Ads to do the same.

What are Instagram ads?

Ads are regular-looking posts or stories with a call-to-action and labeled by a sponsored sign. You can use them to boost the engagement of your content.

Why use ads?

When you use ads, you can get as specific as you want about your target audience.

You can target people of specific locations, demographics, interests, behaviors, lookalike audiences and more.

Ads help you reach and market your products to your potential customers or fans.

Therefore, spend some money on ads to expand your reach.


There you go, 4 tips to skyrocket your Instagram growth without buying likes or followers. By focusing on video content, tagging relevant profiles, and using ads, you can make sure your Instagram journey is successful.



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