Digital Marketing Tips for Solar Companies

Digital marketing is gaining momentum with more consumers looking online first when shopping. This can be a bonus for companies in any industry, even for business-to-business solar companies, because digital marketing techniques can be more effective and less expensive than some traditional methods. To make the most of your digital marketing efforts, your strategy should include website design, advertisement readability and strategic use of marketing and social media platforms. You can even gather and analyze data to help forecast sales and marketing campaign improvements.

Website Design

Your first step for effective digital marketing is to design the perfect website. This can look different for each company, so it is important to not solely rely on cookie cutter methods. You will, however, want to focus on speed, readability and ease of use to provide the best user experience. Your branding should feature prominently as well as your key products and services. For instance, if your company has just upgraded your solar panel battery options or system design, then those pictures should be front and center where they can be seen without having to scroll down the page.

Educational Information

Including educational information and answers to frequently asked questions on your website and in your advertisements is a good way to generate leads and keep your clients up to date on recent developments within your company and the industry. If your company is known for providing the best information, including product reviews and innovations in technology, then your clients will be checking your website on a regular basis and be more exposed to your promotions. Having frequently updated blog posts with relevant and authoritative information is one of the best ways to stay on top in the search results rankings, and it can help bring curious customers to your website looking for answers to questions like what the benefits of solar power are and how effective rooftop panels can be in your area.

Keep Leads Warm

Marketing and remarketing are similar in both theory and in practice. In remarketing, you target visitors with advertisements designed to convert them into customers, and target customers with newsletters and promotions designed to convert them into repeat buyers. In the solar industry, this can be more difficult because once residential customers purchase a solar panel system, they are less likely to need more, but it can be done through highlighting upgrades, add-ons and industry innovations through email newsletters and targeted ad buys. Adding a countdown or a timeline to your newsletters and advertisements can keep promotions in the minds of even casual blog readers and help convert sales from these interactions.

Maximize Marketing Budgets

There are many ways to design a digital marketing campaign and many online platforms where you can purchase and monitor ad space. Social media and search engines are two of these platforms gaining popularity in digital marketing through ad space and the digital tools offered alongside ad buys. To maximize your budget, it is a good idea to spend a little on each platform where your target audience spends time. If you are a B2B company, for instance, then getting ad space on business networking sites can be more cost effective than trying to target individual business owners on social platforms.

Reach Out and Be Social

Social media platforms, particularly those designed for business owners, can be one of the best ways to generate organic traffic to your site. Having a presence on each platform does not mean that you must buy ad space or promote posts either. Sometimes letting a blog post go viral through these platforms can increase interest in your company while answering important questions to the public and any contests or interactions you have with consumers on these platforms can put your business into the public consciousness and increase the reputation of your brand.

Use Data Analytics

Harnessing the power of Big Data in running analytics on your digital marketing campaign is, arguably, the best way to see how effective each aspect of the campaign is. Analytics helps you see which ad buys are performing the best and which need to be modified, which platforms are generating the most traffic and even which changes to your website have had the most impact on conversions. Most advertising platforms give you some insight into how your ads look by the numbers, and you can use those analytics to generate comprehensive reports and analysis for the campaign, quarter and year to help make the next one better.

Marketing your B2B solar company in the digital age can seem intimidating, but it can be more effective and less expensive than past advertising campaigns through a better reach of a more targeted audience. By filling your well-designed website with educational information which answers common questions, you can turn curious browsers into dedicated customers. You can even reach out to your target audience with strategic ad buys, social media promotions and informational newsletters to generate leads and keep them warm.



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