‘corePHP’ Awarded Official GSA Certification

'corePHP' earns GSA certification

Recently, ‘corePHP’ earned official GSA certification from the US Government’s General Services Administration. This distinct accomplishment is like the government’s own “Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval” for companies seeking to conduct business with government agencies.

We’ve worked diligently on the GSA process, and we’re very pleased to now be GSA Certified. This will open up new opportunities for Battle Creek-based ‘corePHP’ to earn technology contracts on a federal, state and local level. We’ve witnessed many contracts go out-of-state to other certified technology firms, now that ‘corePHP’ is certified, we can earn those contracts, to bring new growth opportunities home. Certification gets us into the game, and we couldn’t be more pleased. – Steven Pignataro, CEO, ‘corePHP’ LLC.

The stated purpose of the GSA is to build a more sustainable, responsible and effective government for the American people. GSA is responsible for improving the government’s workplace by managing assets, delivering maximum value in acquisitions, preserving historic property, and implementing technology solutions. Sweeping new policies and legislation has brought fast, revolutionary change to the way government is run via innovative new core technologies. Securing GSA-provisioned technology product and service contracts falls precisely within ‘corePHP’s own core strength.

We will keep you updated with contracts and happenings within the GSA that are relevant to you and your business too. Oh, and let us know if you would like some helpful advice on the GSA certification process.


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