Best Encrypted Messaging Apps for Androids

As the general populace of the world becomes more aware of the common security flaws of the internet, the encryption of everything online has been thrust into the mainstream.

In this article, we’ll take a look at the x best encrypted messaging apps for Androids.

Overcoming Obstacles

The more general the audience, the more general the security features of an application. Software makers have been scrambling to provide secure solutions without making their products and services cumbersome to use.

Any obstacle within the user experience can hurt adoption, and thus dissuade prospective investors from propping it up –sucking the blood out of precious development resources and quelling innovation.

Recent security innovations, such as face-based biometric authentication have greatly improved online security, while also being incredibly easy to implement and use by companies and users alike.

Government Creep, Creepy Government

In a world where government creeps continue to descend onto all corners of the internet –many of these Android chat apps will also take into consideration the Great Firewall of China, et al.

Let’s take a moment to explore a number of encrypted messaging apps for Android that make use of this and other security measures, ensuring a safe and private messaging experience for all.

We’ll begin with mainstream apps and then move onto their lesser-known more secure cousins. All of the applications use biometric security features.

1. Facebook Messenger and Whatsapp

Facebook Messenger and Whatsapp both fall under the Facebook banner and they are the most commonly used chat apps for Android.

While secure, Facebook has censored messages that their “fact-checkers” oppose from being sent. This is a huge stain on their name, in my view.

However, Facebook Messenger and Whatsapp also make use of strong biometric authentication technologies. After deleting my Facebook account in 2018 I decided I’d like to rejoin; I was asked to provide my passport, a selfie, and set up two-factor authentication right at the onset.

2. Line

Line is a popular South Korean secure messaging app that was popularized by Japan and spread throughout Asia in the years that followed the Fukushima reactor meltdown.

Line was there when the Japanese infrastructure failed, allowing people to communicate. The surge in popularity brought investors and high tech security features. Line is a direct Asian competitor to China’s creepy, social credit system infused WeChat.

3. Telegram

Telegram is my encrypted messaging app of choice, and I’ve used it for years. It has features similar to Facebook Messenger and Whatsapp, while also allowing me to use “channels” for my online businesses that are akin to Twitter.

This is an ideal solution, especially if you’re communicating with others about things that are politically unpopular or censored in your home country. In the US, Telegram and other free speech platforms like Gab, Minds, and Bitchute have been integral to lifting censorship for conservatives.

4. Signal

Some have controversially stated that Signal maybe a pinch more secure than Telegram, although I find its interface to be somewhat ugly, slow to connect to servers, and so on.

Signal is the Android chat application used in the Mr. Robot series, which is known for its real-world accuracy in how its computer hacking scenes demonstrated exploits that are true to life.

5. Silence

Silence is an app that’s been around for a little while and it’s gaining immense traction. It’s one of the most secure messaging apps on this list, although investors and development are minimal –further adoption may change this.

Oh, There’s More

The secure messaging apps above aren’t the only acts in town. The following encrypted messaging apps are also incredibly secure, with varying levels of adoption:

  • Threema
  • Wickr Me
  • Dust
  • Cyphr
  • Wire
  • Viber

Which encrypted messaging apps do you trust and use? Let everyone know in the comments!



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