Benefits of paGO E-commerce: 7 Ways to Use It Excellently

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The e-commerce business is increasingly becoming popular in today’s era. As more and more customers are taking an interest in shopping online, the companies are also focusing on delivering excellent user experience to give their business a boost. However, the increasing competition over the internet has caused many businesses to lose their path and fail terribly.

But with the right resources supporting your business demands, you can rely on achieving the success you have dreamt of. And paGo commerce helps you take another step towards the glory you have always admired.

paGO commerce: How It Benefits E-commerce Websites?

paGO commerce offers support for E-commerce websites built with Joomla! It includes excellent functionalities that conclude it one of the best extensions for Joomla! based websites. paGO commerce helps with managing your cart functions and empowers you to do your business the right way.

The extension is open-source and available for free to use. This extension helps provide the best services that cater to the best intentions to bring your website up in the ranks. paGO commerce enables the website owner to sell any items and devices, anywhere and anytime. There are many benefits of paGO commerce that help you skyrocket your sales and drive increased business profits.

7 Benefits of paGO commerce

paGO commerce makes the website building experience with Joomla superior. The advantages offered by paGO commerce drive better sales and offers extended monitoring and control over the e-commerce business operations.

1. Mobile-Friendly

paGO commerce extension ensures your customer experience is not affected because of the integration. As Google has made mobile indexing one of the crucial ranking factors, websites of today are required to be optimized for mobile devices and users also. As 52% of the website traffic comes from mobile devices, it is essential to keep your website updated and mobile compatible.

The developers of paGO commerce understand that and have built an excellent extension that caters to your mobile-friendly needs by helping to enhance the performance over mobile devices. It makes website development much easier and faster to support customer demands seamlessly.

2. Suits Every Business Need

The businesses of every scale are supported through this extension. Irrespective of the size of business operations, paGO commerce, extends the same features at the same performance speed for every business. The smooth integration of this extension in the Joomla project makes the process of launching an e-commerce venture seamless.

paGO not only enables e-commerce businesses, but it also focuses on empowering stores and online purchases to support efficient services. It covers enterprise-level business operations and support under a single roof without failing to perform its best. If a website fulfills the system requirements, paGO commerce ensures to deliver excellent results by its best performance.

3. Maximize User Convenience

To run your e-commerce business successfully, it becomes crucial to maximize user convenience and deliver the best support to run your business errands. However, without considering the search result ranking algorithms, one can not determine whether user convenience is at its best or not.

Therefore, keeping all the ranking criteria in mind, paGO is developed to provide excellent services to businesses. User convenience decides whether a business succeeds in making profits or not. And paGO integrates many features and functions that help provide an exceptional user experience.

4. In-built Currency Converter

Planning to shift your business on the global platform? The changing currencies of each different country might sound like a problem. But paGo commerce got you covered. The extension comes included with a currency converter that helps convert the currencies automatically.

Hence, you don’t need to go through Google or integrate a code specifically dedicated to currency converting. For example, if a ride-hailing app uber clone works across multiple countries, the developers have to prepare modules that can induce currency change as per the country. And similarly, paGO helps you convert the currency as per the country, but this function comes already included.

5. Artificial Intelligence

Managing your employees’ needs is one of the crucial tasks to look after. Hence, it becomes essential to answer every demand and look after them to use the best approaches that can deliver excellent support.

  • Employee management is incomplete without incentives and bill payments. For example, an organization can use a corporate panel provided in the uber clone app to help their employees avoid any charges during their travel. The travel advances are entirely the responsibility of a company, and they can answer the need right away with efficient tools made available for them.

Moreover, employee management is a never-ending process that requires an executive to pay complete attention to every detail of each employee. But with the support from artificial intelligence(AI), a business can automate the mundane tasks and provide excellent support to their employees.

6. Easy to Integrate

Keeping the users belonging from a non-technical background in mind, paGO is developed for easier integration. The integration process is very quick, and it provides excellent results once done. Plus, it helps you keep up with the trends as the easier social media integration is supported.

To create your brand identity in the market, it has become necessary for businesses, especially for e-commerce businesses, to keep their best approaches forward. And paGO helps you helm an excellent brand impression by allowing easier social media share by integrating support for Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest.

7. Security Comes First!

Cybersecurity has become one of the most significant parameters to look after. As the progress of technology enables more comfort and convenience, similarly, the attacks on the security of various trusted websites to steal the user data have become more prominent. And e-commerce websites are no different.

As cybercrime magazine predicts, e-commerce ventures are included in the top 10 sectors, where the possibility of encountering cyber attacks is more.

But with paGO commerce and Joomla, the threats can be kept at bay by managing the best security efforts seamlessly. The extension comes with excellent security features that let you protect your user data. For example, paGO commerce enables you to complete the ordering procedure within a single page. Therefore, there are no redirects required, and excellent shopping experience, as well as high-grade security constraints, are easily implemented.

8. Manage Your Website Operations Your Way

After all the benefits paGO offers, you must be thinking there would be a catch. But the extension is developed by keeping all the e-commerce needs, and possible expansion requirements in mind, which means you can customize and manage your website your way as the list of features and benefits doesn’t stop your growth in any way.

paGO commerce supports unlimited attributes. Therefore, you can customize and include as many attributes as you want. There are no limits set when it comes to expanding your operations. Its support for global reach, i.e., the currency conversion, multi-language support, easy import and export functions, and more, make it an excellent choice to get your business running. And it has an extensible plug-in architecture.

And as paGO commerce allows you to maintain your efforts your way, it becomes much easier to get your best efforts working and manage your website your way.

There Is More to This, Too!

paGO commerce is offered by “corePHP,” and you can rely on them as you have asked for support from the reliable ones. paGO commerce is one of the best to use for your e-commerce project based in Joomla as it helps you kickstart your e-commerce business your way.

The more you explore this field, the changing requirements will inspire you to change as per your customers’ needs. But paGO commerce will keep supporting your needs with its updated and requirement supportive core architecture, which relieves you from worries and helps grow your business over time by saving more time and development costs.

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