4 Ways You Can Use Tech to Increase Customer Satisfaction

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Whether you’re an entrepreneur or a seasoned business professional, customer satisfaction is going to be at the heart of everything you do. Even if you have a great product or service to offer, it means nothing if your customers are unhappy and therefore rate your business badly. Dissatisfaction in customers leads to loss of sales, bad reviews, the possibility of refunds and an overall negative impact on your business.

That is why it’s crucial to keep those customers happy – and here’s how technology can help you to do that.

Use Online Training Courses

You can learn more about better management of your business and increasing customer satisfaction through online enrollment courses and further training. If you’re looking to hone your current skills, or if you’re just starting out in business and would like to learn as much as you can about business optimization and a better connection with your customers, online courses are a great way to do that. Programs such as Lean Six Sigma White Belt can help you to better understand the voice of the customer, and do business more efficiently.

Social Media

Everybody uses social media, which means any business without at least one social media platform is falling behind. Social media is a simple and quick way to communicate with your customers – and best of all, other potential consumers will see you doing so. If you resolve something quickly and efficiently for the world to see, it promotes good customer service and a good business reputation.

Ensure that you’re encouraging conversations via social media, and make sure that you have the option of contact through social media for any customer service queries or feedback.

Online Surveys

One helpful way of determining where you’re going right and wrong with customer satisfaction is through a survey. Customers are more likely to complete a survey online than they are physically or through the post. Offering the opportunity for customers to take a quick survey will be very beneficial for analyzing feedback and therefore working to do better.

You could program a survey prompt to pop up after a customer has placed an order with you (if you run an eCommerce website) or you could have a survey option on your website, through social media or through a customer mailing list.

Device Optimization

You should ensure that your website and business functions work quickly and efficiently, no matter the device. Nothing can increase customer frustration more than a slow website, or pages failing to load when customers are browsing – especially if it is an eCommerce website they are using.

Most internet browsing and website interaction is now done via mobile, which means you should certainly make sure that your website is optimized to work on a mobile device as well as a desktop. Consider mobile interaction when you are designing your website if you are starting a business from scratch and check how certain elements will translate onto mobile devices.



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