Virtual Phone Numbers as a Marketing Tool: Creative Ways to Make Them More Effective

When it comes to marketing, there are a seemingly endless number of tools and techniques at your disposal. Sometimes it can be difficult to decide which ones to use, especially when you’re trying to reach a specific target audience. One tool that may not be immediately obvious is virtual phone numbers. Though they may not be well known, they can be a powerful marketing tool when used in the right way. Here are just a few creative ways to make them more effective (you can visit Freeje here).

What Are Virtual Phone Numbers?

If you are a global marketer or wish to expand your business internationally, the first thing you may want your call receivers to see is a local Caller ID. This is critical in order to build a local presence while also maintaining a significant presence.

As an illustration, suppose you attempted to launch a business or advertisement campaign in a different region. By assigning a unique virtual phone number to this promotion, you can simply monitor and measure your progress using an inbound call metric. This way, you may track the number of calls generated by a given campaign and determine whether or not your marketing plan is effective. This type of feedback is quite beneficial for monitoring your business and developing a brand identity.

Additionally, it enables you to thoroughly comprehend the origins of your specific potential clients. By building unique marketing campaigns, you may also collect data about them using virtual phone numbers. Apart from tracking the number of individuals calling for a particular campaign, you can also measure the busiest time of day and the average call duration. This type of monitoring will offer you with an accurate assessment of the efficacy of your various marketing initiatives, allowing you to increase the impact of the campaigns that appear to be the most effective.

How Does It Work?

A virtual number is one that is not integrated with any particular geographical place or address. Rather than that, it makes and receives calls via voice over IP, or VoIP, technology. VoIP converts analog voice converted to digital data and broadcasts them in real time to the recipient. Therefore, anyone utilizing them can place a call using their communication devices provided that they have an Internet connectivity.

A cloud phone number is an ideal call forwarding solution due to its virtual nature. Businesses utilize these numbers to route incoming calls between locations for improved connectivity and lower long-distance calling costs. A business that utilizes a virtual number has the ability to specify which numbers or devices will receive calls. Additionally, it has the ability to choose how these calls are routed across several sites. For example, calls can be routed simultaneously to numerous lines and locations. Alternatively, calls may be routed based on the caller’s location.

This gives the freedom for firms to reach out with worldwide clients regardless of their geographic whereabouts. Additionally, they can make it more seamless and convenient for their consumers to contact them by providing toll-free or local numbers in their areas. For instance, a UK business can give its US clients with a toll-free number in the US. On the other hand, those individuals in the United States of America can contact the given number for free. Similarly, UK firms can redirect incoming calls to their UK headquarters or to their US distant staff member.

Take Advantage of Cloud-Based Phone Numbers for Your Business

Virtual numbers are pre-programmed to route calls to a certain number or group of numbers. When you purchase a virtual number, you will be required to specify a “destination number.” When calls to a cloud phone number are received, they are immediately routed to the target number for answering. Virtual numbers can be configured in a variety of ways to meet your specific requirements. You can have calls forwarded to a number of your choosing.

For Facebook Ad Campaigns, Virtual Phone Numbers

Let us face reality. Facebook is one of the world’s most popular and populous social networking networks. Numerous firms are increasing their revenues just by advertising on Facebook, owing to the platform’s massive user base. Furthermore, guess what? There is no better method to increase your sales and improve the effectiveness of your marketing campaign on this platform but to utilize virtual phone numbers.

Due of the massive size of Facebook’s social media platform, it’s worth emphasizing the benefits of Facebook ad campaigns that utilize virtual phone numbers.

  • You can use Facebook to target a specific demographic. By integrating virtual phone numbers in your Facebook marketing efforts, you can improve your business’s localization and establish direct contact with clients who wish to purchase or inquire about your services or products. Additionally, because your adverts include virtual phone numbers with local area codes in the areas where you want your business to attract clients, potential customers will assume that your firm is locally situated and can likely meet their needs.
  • Virtual phone numbers are particularly advantageous for your Facebook advertising strategy since they enable you to access overseas customers. By adopting Foreign Toll-Free Numbers, you can alleviate your prospects’ and clients’ concerns about long-distance charges and other potential interruptions associated with international calls.

Tracking Telephone Calls

Suppose that it is the same as the previous two. While it may sound similar, call tracking is a uniquely creative approach to your marketing campaign at some time.

While call tracking is typically used to determine which advertising efforts generate inbound inquiries, it may be utilized efficiently both online and offline. Online monitoring entails calculating the number of calls generated by websites and digital marketing, whereas offline tracking entails calculating the number of calls or inquiries generated directly by mail and printed advertising.

Final Thoughts

Although digital communication is becoming more and more popular, it’s still important to have a strong telephone presence. A recent study found that when asked which form of communication they prefer for business purposes, the majority of people chose telephone conversations over email, text messages, or social media platforms. This means that if you want to reach your clients and prospects in the most effective way possible, you need to make sure your marketing campaign includes a robust telesales component.

Freeje can help make that happen. We provide virtual phone numbers around the world, so you can connect with potential customers no matter where they are located. Plus, our team of experienced tech specialists will work with you to create an effective strategy that will bring your business to the next level.


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