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You would agree that the Internet has a profound effect on our lives. Some scholars blame the Internet for killing their creativity and productivity, while others are praised for changing our lives and simplifying our lives. Well, it’s an endless conversation.

Today, when a brand can host a fully-featured e-commerce store, including a WooCommerce side cart, it’s all thanks to the Internet. Various development platforms offer easy development for e-commerce sites, and Joomla is one of them; and it is an open-source CMS.

For companies, the absolute joy is seeing a considerable increase in their online sales. If you have a Joomla e-commerce website, this article is about how to optimize your online store for the success of your business.

Let’s get started.

1. Look for new extensions frequently

Extensions are one of the essential shopping carts in Joomla. Add-ons make it much easier to develop unique projects with minimum effort. Instead of spending long hours writing long lines of code for different parts of your project, you can combine this work. In addition, Joomla extensions are very flexible, and Joomla allows you to quickly and easily install any extension.

It is imperative to keep your add-on collection up to date, even if you already have an add-on set to suit your needs. Joomla is updated frequently and often has more product updates and updates than ever before.

2. Back up your projects

Joomla is constantly updated, so you should update your work if you lose essential information. Sometimes, even when Joomla updates a single component, information from your site may be lost.

Sometimes a simple change to break down a site can result in a loss of information, and partial updates can also be incorrect and result in data loss. However, having a stable and efficient database can help prevent data loss.

It is essential to keep outdoors. Your site can be quickly restored from its last original state if something goes wrong. Updates can help you with security.

3. Explore Advanced Templates 

As an extension, Joomla templates are more than just eye-catching. You can find various useful tools in the new models, including tabs, thumbnails, graphics, and more.

In addition to layouts, templates will improve the performance of your project. Joomla is updating its models to enhance functionality and design, and it’s an intelligent way to stay ahead.

4. Incessantly update your eCommerce Store

As a consumer or marketer, you should visit many e-commerce websites to evaluate the work done by your competitors and other top brands.

When you visit many sites, do you notice which areas grab your attention and which sites you like to revisit? The answer is unique, and it comes when you update your eCommerce website regularly. Constant updates will help you keep up with the marketing process and make your website more attractive.

If you are constantly updating your Joomla eCommerce online store, you will notice an increase in visitors. With powerful Joomla extensions like EShop, you can make essential changes to your eCommerce website, and this powerful extension allows you to make crucial changes to eCommerce websites.

5. Soothing and Blissful Color Combination

You may not think this is necessary. But trust me, it can make a huge difference. If you didn’t understand, what would I say? Then understand it with an example.

“Facebook,” a name that doesn’t need an introduction, uses blue as experts say blue is to warm people’s eyes, and if you don’t know, you might be surprised that this ad is 1.59 billion users a month. It’s incredible, isn’t it?

An ugly website is more likely to lose the attention of its visitors. So try out a unique color combination to make your site stand out. This will create a better impression on your customers, encouraging them to spend a few minutes or hours on your website. You can A/B test to see which color works best for your location.

In a nutshell, refreshing colors increase conversion rates, and blending them increases the chance of generating leads and conversions.

6. Make it Easy to Administer

How easy it is to manage the website you design depends on the building it. Joomla offers various ways to create websites that are easy to manage. By building locations that are easy to maintain, you save time and effort associated with maintenance. If you make websites for clients, you save a lot of time on updates and other things if the websites are easy to manage.

The key to success is to ensure content management is as focused on a few functions and plugins as possible from an administrative standpoint. Currently, Joomla’s latest release, Joomla 3. X supports external content management, and this development makes it easy to create websites that manage only the front end.

7. Content Marketing and Social Media Promotion

This list would be incomplete without advertisements and public announcements. As an online store owner, you may have heard the phrase “the bigger your story, the more you sell.”

In addition, all marketers involved in online marketing know that “content” is the essential factor in influencing other marketing activities. So always organize things so that your efforts are worthwhile. Social media has become a new place for marketers to promote their businesses.

8. Security is a Priority

One of the most common reasons websites can be easily intimidated by cybercriminals is the inability to update add -ons and content management systems. Updates are needed; they come with new security updates to help protect your websites from cyberattacks and hackers.

If you do not update it regularly, your website will be infected with malware that can compromise it and make it more vulnerable to malicious attacks. The latest Joomla update contains several security improvements that better protect against attacks.

Final Remarks

Monitoring through analytics is important because it helps in making business decisions. To do this, you can rely on Google analytics to get valuable information about your online business. It will tell you the areas you need to work on. This is how you can improve your eCommerce website.

Author Bio:

Bilal is a Digital Marketing Executive at Motif Creatives. He is passionate about digital marketing and managing affiliate partnerships in the digital space, WordPress, E-commerce Products, blogs, content writing, earning online, technical, SEO etc.



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