Use Email Marketing Strategies to Increase Efficiency of Your Business

Social media marketing has become a trend of the day, but our Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn pages have become overcrowded with advertisements where we tend to lose interest in the products that are being advertised.

Time is here to optimize on the Email marketing to increase the efficiency of your business. You exchange contact details with your business associates, potential clients and customers, very rarely do you exchange your social handle details with each other and your contact details including your email id.

With advertising taking every possible form from print to boards, to commercial TV ads, to social media advertising, to email marketing, every form has its unique flavor and Email marketing is proving to be the icing on the cake. Email marketing is fast moving up the advertising scale with great innovations and tools that help marketers in reaching out to a lot of consumers quickly and efficiently. Marketers have to have a good knowledge of email marketing without which they will not be able to cash on the opportunity.

Before sending out business emails or advertising emails, bear in mind that your consumers’ email inbox is flooded with similar emails and your email might just be lost within the crowd. And considering your ad email to be unique and different is a mistake that many make; your ad email is just like others.

Amazon is the perfect example of email marketing success story, which uses emails to reach out to its customers and encourages them to make repeated purchases by continuously asking for feedbacks and reviews and providing other people’s reviews and feedbacks of eh products in their wish lists or based on their buying history and preferences.

How to use email marketing strategy?

With a cutthroat competition to grab the users’ attention via email marketing, there are trillions of emails being sent to customers on a daily basis. So, how is it that your advertising strategy will work? Follow these simple tips and tricks to get the consumers’ attention by reaching into their mailbox.

Get your email list ready

The critical step to email marketing is getting the email ids of your potential clients since no email ids mean no potential clients. So, how are we to gather the email ids? The simplest way to collect email ids is by providing sign-up discounts and promotional offers that most companies employ. Newsworthy newsletters, free updates, subscriptions and such other methods also help in getting the email addresses of the potential customers.

Offering your customers deals and freebies also works in your favor. This will make your customers feel significant and essential, which in fact they are. Without followers, there can be no marketing.

Also, create trust with your potential customers that their email addresses will not be misused or their accounts will not be spammed. This will boost their confidence in your product, service, and company.

Set up a limit and adhere to it

Flooding your subscribers’ mailbox with emails every day is just not going to work. They might merely get put off and may only unsubscribe you. Tell your subscribers what you are going to do with their email ids, and if you have promised one email per week, that is what you will do; send one email per week.

Personalize your emails

Customers like to receive mails addressed to them, i.e., when they know who has sent the emails. In case, you have collected the email addresses via other means and channel; it is always better to avoid using the recipient’s name in the email, like ‘My Dear Mr. Smith’. This may turn out to be scary for the recipient with all these identity thefts, cyber crimes and other such internet-based issues cropping up each day.

It is always better to avoid names if the recipient has not subscribed to you directly or if you are an e-commerce seller, the customer hasn’t bought any product from you.

Personalizing your emails help you in connecting with the customers where their feedbacks and reviews are taken into consideration and this makes them feel important.

Be available for your readers

In doing so, you don’t have to be present in person; your email id will do the task. Provide a valid and active email id that will prompt the readers’ to reach out to you in case they have a query or doubt or want to revert regarding a product or a service. Seeing a option will put them off the email and also take away the credibility that you are trying so hard to build in their minds.

Segment the subscribers

Next most important step of email marketing is analyzing and segmentation. Now, it is time for the analytics. You need to analyze how your emails are working if they are giving the desired results and bringing the potential customers to your website. If this is happening, then the emails are doing their job right and are having an impact on the readers. But, if this is not the case, it is time to understand what is going wrong and rectifying the errors.

Next step is segmentation. Once you have segmented the email addresses based on different criteria, half your marketing job is defined. You will understand what your customers want based on their feedbacks, reviews and buying preferences. This will help you in categorizing your customers and sending the emails more effective.

Keep the autoresponders active

One thing that may take your email marketing strategy down south is not keeping in touch with the readers on a regular basis. You just cannot send an email introducing yourself and going MIA until you have a product or service to advertise. You tend to lose the trust the customers might have built on your brand. Here, Autoresponders come to the rescue. They keep in touch with the customers on your behalf.

People have a belief that email marketing has out-dated and has no reach; whereas the fact is that email marketing the leading marketing strategies that any if the company makes proper use of it, will be able to turn the thousands into billions. Its low investment and manpower requirement make it an asset for every company.

Author Bio

Emily Wilson is a content developer for a marketing firm based in New York. She has a special interest in databases. In case of inquiries on database support, contact her.


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