How to Make Your Business More Ethical

I have been writing a bit more about business growth, development, and structure. As a business owner for many years now, I have experienced some growing pains, fantastic growth and so much more. I want to be able to share the knowledge that I have gain over the years to help others. As you can see in the 21st century, we’ve seen growing concern for business ethics among the general populace. As social media and other digital innovations broaden people’s awareness of the world around them, it becomes ever more critical that we maintain ethical business practices.

In this age of awareness, ethics go beyond making a positive contribution to the world at large. Consumers are increasingly interested and invested in the companies and products with which they do business, and unethical practice, real or perceived, has far-reaching effects on your company.

Don’t let your business get behind as progress leads everyone – the business world included – into a more ethical period.

People in the business

Your people can be your businesses’ most significant asset – or your most significant liability. Treating your employees with fairness in regards to wages, equal opportunity, and providing them with a positive company culture is more than a matter of doing things right. Even in cases where you are not violating the law, a perception of mistreatment is all it takes to sink an otherwise excellent ship. In an age where everybody has a digital platform to speak out, it is critical that your customers see your company as one that treats their employees with respect. The way you respect your clients is the way you appreciate your employees.

Discrimination is particularly likely to condemn your business, especially regarding race, disability, gender, and age. In addition to the legal liability for your company, social media has made these kinds of stories much more accessible, and employees of companies that treat them poorly can inform others all over the world.

The best way to ensure that your business promotes a culture of fairness, respect, and transparency, is to pay attention to your policies regarding discrimination, harassment, and hiring practices and make sure they are accessible and well known to your employees at all levels.

Remember, one negative story about mistreating people can sink a business rapidly.

Business impacting the Environment

The impact of climate change is finally taking hold in the majority perspective.

Reviewing your efforts at minimizing environmental impact is not just right for the planet, it’s good for business. Some notable examples include grocery stores that give discounts to customers using reusable bags, many services offering paperless billing, and an emphasis on green energy. Modern companies aren’t just taking steps to minimize their environmental footprint, but actively marketing the fact that they do so. Why?

As environmental issues are a growing concern among the public, it’s necessary to show your customers how you are taking an active role in the preservation of our planet.

Transparency in Business

Consumers are becoming more aware of marketing strategies that can be used to deceive and so have grown exceedingly cautious when making purchasing decisions.

With the arrival of the age of information, consumers are increasingly aware of deceptive marketing strategies and tend to conduct thorough research on companies’ past and present practices before committing to a purchase.

Adopt marketing strategies that are not only compelling but transparent to your consumers. With the prevalence of online reviews and social media engagement, dishonest and misleading tactics are quickly uncovered and ultimately hurt your credibility.

The need for transparency is very apparent when it comes to SEO. There are many firms out there making bold promises of unbelievable Google rankings in short time-frames. Industry professionals refer to this as “black-hat SEO.” It makes use of less-than-ethical practices which prove useful in the short term, but ultimately hurt your credibility with both Google and the consumer.

Hiring companies like ‘corePHP’ or one such as our good friends at DC digital marketing professional that will help grow your business through organic and ethical practices that are in line with your company’s values. You will reach a wider audience and enjoy greater long-term success through honesty and transparency.

The Takeaway

While not all consumers are so invested in the companies with which they do business, those that are have a robust platform and a loud voice for criticism. Whether it’s your environmental impact, treatment of team members and customers, or your digital marketing practices, consumers are both aware of and passionate about your ethics.


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