Top Tips for Ecommerce Web Development in 2022

One of the best times to be in the e-commerce business is now, as most people prefer shopping online. Especially after the COVID-19 pandemic, people worldwide have opted for online shopping. It also makes sense, doesn’t it? Why go to a market when you can buy it online and get it delivered to your doorstep? But setting up an eCommerce is only the first step.

In order to convert visitors into customers, a quality e-commerce website site is essential. Elements of a quality website consist of a fast-buying process, easy to navigate and user-friendly web design. No matter how much money you spend on advertising your e-commerce website, it will all go in vain if the website is not user-friendly and optimised. People will leave the website if they find it complicated. Here are the best eCommerce tips to stay ahead of the competition.

We will discuss top tips for your e-commerce web development to maximise the conversion rate and generate higher profits. You can hire an ecommerce development company to implement these tips or do it in-house if you have the required resources. Here is what you need to consider before hiring an eCommerce agency. These tips are applicable to all eCommerce platforms such as Magento, Shopify, and WooCommerce.



If all the products on an e-commerce website are mixed, it will become difficult for the user to find the product. So, it is very vital to categorise the products so that it may become easy for the user to search for the product. Moreover, the product category should be easy to find, preferably through a menu bar or mentioned at the top of the page.Categories should be easy to find through a menu bar to streamline the search process.


It is extremely important to have a search bar since the individuals who come to the webpage already have a product in mind that they want to buy. Instead of navigating through various pages to find that specific product, there should be a search bar, so it becomes very easy to search for that product specifically instead of scrolling through different pages. A website which does not have a search bar is likely to have a higher bounce rate.


When it comes to online shopping, a website which does not mention reviews is automatically a red flag for users. People will instantly leave the website if they see no review options on the page. Research shows that 61% of online shoppers check customer reviews before buying a product. You can add customer reviews directly beneath each product or design a different page for it. A recommended approach is to ask your customers for testimonials. They are considered much more authentic than simple text reviews.


The main goal of an e-commerce website is to sell products. To do so, you should create the website from the user’s point of view. It includes every detail of your website and not just only a few. First impressions are the most important. If your website fails to impress the customer upon opening, they will leave it immediately.

Giving a great user experience turns a visitor into a customer and a customer into a repeat customer. You will need to do a lot of A/B testing to determine what works best for your target market. It can be a considerable time-consuming and frustrating process.

An eCommerce development company can play a critical role here. Due to their experience of working across different niches, they know what works for your business. They can help you set up the perfect design, which enables better conversion rates and improved user experience. Magento has one of the best page builders and allows you to cater to different types of content and design with considerable ease.


One of the biggest mistakes e-commerce website owners commit is that they do not optimise their website for mobiles. More than 50% of users open web pages through their mobile phones, and the percentage will keep increasing, considering more and more people are gaining access to mobile phones and tablets. If your website is mobile optimised, it will enable it to adjust to any screen size or operating system automatically to give the best user experience and not cause any inconvenience to the customer.


A big reason behind cart abandonment is the complex checkout process. People get frustrated or spooked when the checkout process forces you to create an account and enter personal information. Individuals not only abandon their carts because of personal information but also due to the long time it takes to create an account.

You can make the checkout process very easy and quick by enabling customers to checkout as a guest, which only requires the user to enter their shipment address and nothing else. Moreover, at the checkout, please make sure there are plenty of payment options like cash on delivery, credit/debit card, PayPal etc., to make it easy for the customer.

Unsurprisingly, many eCommerce stores now offer one-click checkout processes. There are dedicated companies which offer solutions to improve the checkout process. One such company is Australia-based Rokt. It has developed different solutions to seize the transaction moment. If you are experiencing cart abandonment issues, do check out such solutions.


One of the biggest worries of online shoppers is that they can’t see the product physically. They must rely on the pictures provided on the website. However, a big reason why individuals are hesitant to purchase the products is because of unauthentic and low-quality product pictures. There is a saying that honesty is the best policy. Instead of using unauthentic pictures to deceive the customer into buying a product, always use the actual product pictures of high quality. Moreover, blurred images of the product will turn away the customer since he might think the product is of low quality.


It concludes our top tips on e-Commerce web development in 2022. With these tips, you can ensure a successful eCommerce store. However, trends and technologies keep changing, meaning that you must continuously invest in your eCommerce store to ensure that it remains on top.



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