Top Amazon Small Business Ideas for Beginners to Make Passive Income

Looking for Amazon business ideas where you can start with a small capital that will generate passive income? If you answered YES, then read on for some business ideas for beginners that will jumpstart your way to earn money. You can also check out academy for tips on how to run a successful business.

Amazon is arguably the largest e-commerce website that caters to customers worldwide. The giant marketplace has sold more than 362 million products and gained more than 6.1 million visits daily. It is indeed an e-commerce giant that can help you succeed, so why not take this opportunity?

Here are the ways beginners can make a passive income with Amazon.

  1. Amazon Kindle Publishing

    If you have a passion for writing, then this method of earning is simple enough for you. Write a book and self-publish them on Amazon’s platform, where members can buy and borrow digital books from the Kindle store.

  2. Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA)

    Amazon FBA is a program that allows Amazon to take care of shipping out your items for you. When you avail of this program, your items will be shipped to an Amazon warehouse, and each time you have an order from your store, they will send them to your customers for you. With this option, you can set up an online store with Amazon on top of your full-time job.

  3. Dropshipping

    With this method, you don’t need to spend a single dime to put up an Amazon shop. What you can do is look for wholesalers who sell items at a low price and who will ship the items to the buyer. In other words, you are the middleman, and you earn by marking up the things you display in your Amazon store.

  4. Amazon Associates

    This affiliate marketing program requires you to set up a social media page or blog where you can advertise Amazon products. You earn some amount each time a person buys their products by clicking on the links you provided.

  5. Amazon CreateSpace

    This option is similar to the Amazon Kindle publishing. It allows you to self-publish books, but the final output is a hardcover copy instead of Kindle’s e-book.

  6. Amazon Underground

    This option is great for people who have a knack for creating games, software, and apps. Underground is one of the best places to list your products.

  7. Website Development

    Amazon affiliates usually use blogs and websites in promoting their businesses. You can make money from this by developing blogs and websites that are targeted towards these associates.

  8. Price Comparison Sites

    Want to develop a business that aims to help people choose the best options for them? Build a price comparison website that will help consumers look for the most affordable prices of various items they want to buy on Amazon. This way, you can make a good amount by using affiliate marketing on your price comparison site.

  9. Product Photos

    If you are gifted with a good eye in capturing mesmerizing photos, you can start with this option. One way to attract sales on any platform is to take good-quality photos of products. In this kind of business, you aim to help Amazon sellers take, edit, and upload pictures of their products.

  10. Ebook Ghostwriter

    Again, if you have the talent for writing, aside from self-publishing your works through Kindle and CreateSpace, you can also write books for other people.

  11. Be the Middleman

    For this option, you have to find people who are looking for specific products online, look such products up on Amazon yourself, and sell the product to those people at a marked up price. You can find these “looking for” ads on social media and Craigslist.

  12. Amazon Wholesaler

    This idea allows you to sell products at lower prices to other sellers.

  13. Amazon Vehicles

    This option does not require you to buy vehicles to sell, but you can contact a car dealership and make an agreement to earn a commission. You need to take pictures of the vehicles, list them under your store, and wait for customers to make a purchase.

  14. Fitness Supplies

    With today’s generation who are health and fitness conscious, fitness supplies are very profitable. You can post fitness products on your store, including vitamins and supplements, gym clothes and sportswear, and exercise equipment.

  15. Amazon Prime Pantry

    This is Amazon’s program that allows members to sell groceries on their platform. This is an excellent idea for those who want to have a grocery store but don’t have enough capital to put up a physical store.

  16. Wedding Supplies

    Grooms, brides, and wedding planners are among the groups of frequent visitors on Amazon. Like the idea of helping couples make their dream wedding into a reality? Sell wedding supplies such as wedding dresses, wedding outfits, gifts, and party decors on Amazon.

  17. Stock Photos

    You can also buy stock photos from other providers and sell them on Amazon for a profit. This business aims to cater to book publishers, bloggers, and writers who look for pictures on Amazon.

  18. Private Label Products

    In this option, you need to find manufacturers to make products according to your specifications. You will then label these products with your brand and then resell the products to Amazon buyers at reasonable prices.

  19. Slimming Products

    The weight loss niche, which covers food supplements, slimming tea, hunger patches, and other products, is also very lucrative on Amazon.

  20. Magazine Publishing

    You can create your magazines and sell them on your Amazon store. There are a lot of topics to write about and put into a magazine. These include kids and parenting, arts and hobbies, business, relationships, and health. You may even make a comic magazine if you have the talent.

  21. Pet Supplies

    You can also start an Amazon store that specializes in pet products, such as pet trackers, food, chains, tags, and other pet care items.

Undeniably, there are several business ideas to choose from if you’re eyeing to make passive income from Amazon. But if you want to succeed with your endeavor, you should excel in the option you choose.

For example, you should consider adapting to strategies which can haul in customers like what paGO Commerce do. With this tool, you’ll be able to improve a customer’s e-commerce experience, making it easy for them to choose your business among others.


The reality with earning a passive income in Amazon is that there will still be work involved.

Although capital is optional because you have numerous ways to start an Amazon store with virtually zero cost, you still have to exert effort into creating it, such as looking for a supplier, creating your logo, getting the supplies, and then launching your store.

The same goes with developing a website, blog, or publishing a book. But once you’re set up on Amazon, you’re just waiting for the sales to come in.


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