The Best VPNs to Access Social Media And Netflix

Geo-blocking is the mood killer for any Netflix fan and social media dweller. Your favorite movie or series could finally appear in Netflix’s library only for you to find out that it’s not available to stream from where you live. However, geo-blocking applies not only for streaming sites but for other websites like social media, as well.

If you’re on holiday abroad, nothing would be a bigger downer than discovering that you can’t share that Instagram story to your friends because the local networks are blocking access to your social media of choice. Thankfully, there are ways to enjoy geo-blocked content from anywhere in the world with an internet connection.

Virtual Private Network as a Solution

In Australia or any part of the world, you are limited by what is only allowed by your IP address. Using a Virtual Private Network or VPN gives you the freedom to communicate and enjoy content regardless of your location. By extending your network to a remote server located outside of your current region, you can access your social media accounts and streaming content like you were doing so from another country.

When you’re traveling to another country, you may not have access to the same websites you used to access. Aside from that, accessing public networks could leave your data prone to abuse and exploit. There are a lot of companies that have developed software capable of protecting your IP address by encrypting data. They have different methods in achieving this but they’re aiming for the same result of fast, unlimited streaming while on a secure connection.

However, not all of these services are equal, and there are still factors which you have to consider when selecting a service provider. Below are some of the best VPN companies you should look out for when choosing the service provider you need to access your social media accounts and Netflix:

1. ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN is a virtual private network service that was created by the company Express VPN International Ltd., based in the British Virgin Islands. It is a program that’s being marketed as a security and privacy tool, encrypting web traffic and masking IP addresses. Here are some advantages on social media and video streaming:

  • High speed and unlimited streaming
  • Has servers in over 94 countries to access location-blocked streaming sites such as Youtube, Spotify, Netflix and others
  • Allows you to unblock Facebook even in countries where it’s not allowed
  • Has a fast-responding technical team to answer your inquiries
  • ExpressVPN is also the best VPN for Netflix in Australia for those looking to watch some Netflix content from exclusive regions
  • Can be used for unblocking messenger applications like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and Viber

While the use of ExpressVPN can have more benefits if you possessed a more comprehensive background in information technology, a cursory knowledge is enough for accessing content from Netflix and social media. If you want to understand more about the advantages of using a VPN, you can’t go wrong with enrolling in Upskilled IT Courses.

2. NordVPN

NordVPN is one of the cheapest VPN options with dedicated Netflix streaming support for those looking for a long term commitment. NordVPN has mobile applications for Android and iOs, desktop applications for Linux, macOS and Windows, and programs for devices such as Android TV. Here are some reasons why people prefer NordVPN for Netflix and social media:

  • Accepts Bitcoin as form of payment
  • Easy sign-up and registration
  • Has over 850 servers all over the world, and they are always adding more
  • High security and privacy due to the fact that it’s located in Panama
  • User interface that’s great for beginners

3. VyprVPN

VyprVPN is even more affordable than NordVPN. It boasts of being the world’s most trusted virtual private network, promising internet freedom and privacy at the fastest possible speeds. The only downside to VyprVPN’s package is that the service provider offers only a 3-day trial without a refund policy. Here are some advantages to this VPN:

  • Ensures privacy by encrypting your internet connection
  • Allows changing your IP address to become like a local in any of the over 70 server locations worldwide
  • Improves the streaming speed and access to Netflix
  • Bypasses blocks based on location and can access worldwide media with increased streaming privacy

4. GooseVPN

GooseVPN prides itself in a very user-friendly interface that does no require a techie inclination to get up and running. Paired with its low price, GooseVPN offers a 30-day trial as well as a money-back guarantee for interested parties. Here are some advantages with using this VPN service:

  • Has promos for users that want to purchase a 2-year subscription
  • Allows easy access to location-blocked media
  • One subscription can be used on unlimited devices
  • Allows you to use public Wi-Fi by securing it
  • Boasts of not slowing down your internet speed
  • Assures privacy for financial details and online transactions

A VPN is not only for unblocking Netflix and other geo-blocked content. Nord VPN and ExpressVPN are also great options for web developers who are looking to safeguard their privacy online. The privacy and freedom that using VPN is not only limited to streaming but also social media content like uploading Instagram photos from China.

5. CyberGhost

CyberGhost is a VPN service that is branding itself as a one-click solution for all digital needs. It has cheaper monthly payment for a 18-month subscription period. Here are some of the advantages of using CyberGhost:

  • Having unrestricted access to iPlayer and Netflix
  • Choice of trying it free for 45 days with a money-back guarantee
  • Unlimited bandwidth for torrent and peer-to-peer or P2P connections
  • Connection in over 60 countries

Final Thoughts

With its growing popularity amongst those who value their privacy, VPNs may seem a bit daunting to consider for many first time users. But your initial interest in using a VPN for your social media and Netflix streaming needs can lead you down the rabbit hole of all the other benefits of VPNs.

Starting your relationship with your first VPN service provider is an exciting moment. With the right company giving you the best and most secure connectivity experience, VPNs can quickly become one of the essential components of your digital life.


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