Three Ways to Boost Your Digital Presence on Social Media

Companies nowadays are changing their marketing strategies. A few decades ago, the best way to bring more people charging through your company’s office was to use print ads like posters, billboards, and even flyers. Nowadays, having a digital presence is vital to the success of a business. Given that most of the population has at least one social media account, businesses are leveraging social networking services to bring their products and services closer to the customer.

But with customers being bombarded with hundreds and thousands of ads every day in their news feeds, it can be a bit challenging to get to where you want your digital presence to go. Here are a few things you can do to boost your company’s social media presence:

Know your audience

Businesses need to know who their demographics are. Failure to really identify your audience for your business can lead to low numbers, since most of the content that you are posting should be hitting close to home for many of your brand’s subscribers.

While some businesses can and will hire market researchers to help them get to their target audience better, most social media platforms — Instagram included — have many ways that can help you engage your audience to find out what kinds of content they respond better to.

Instagram Stories for example, has polls and sliders to help you figure out what to post more of. Turning on the business profile option for your brand’s Instagram account also provides you with a slew of tools and analytics to help you curate your brand better on the social networking service.

Know your brand

Oftentimes we see many businesses on social media fail to attract the numbers they need to boost their bottom line. Why? Because they don’t understand themselves well enough. Without proper brand identity (or a branding consultant), most small businesses will post everything under the sun in an effort to try and reach as many audiences as possible. This only leads to wasted time, money, and effort since it can lead to a lower return in terms of engagement.

Try to be a bit more selective with the things that you post on your company’s social media accounts. Knowing what message you want to send through your social media posts is important, but making sure that the message is consistent throughout all your content is just as important as well. Social Media Today lists a few things you can do on Instagram to help you stay on brand and on point.

Know the platform

Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are all social media sites that you can use to play up your reach online, but they all have different ways of operating. Hashtags, for example, are better utilized on Instagram and Twitter, while with Facebook you can optimize your posts to target specific demographics, unlike Instagram or Twitter. Knowing the tools available at your disposal can help you decide what type of content to post on each site. Aside from that, it’s also important to note the various algorithms that each site uses.

Algorithms and filters can get in the way of increasing your organic reach on social media. When push comes to shove, some businesses will opt to buy Instagram followers to jumpstart their reach. Most companies actually do it as a way to get early engagement that they know will be replaced by actual followers once they get the ball rolling. It’s all about knowing how each networking site’s systems work, and how you can take advantage of them to get you the reach you need for your company.


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