The 4 App Development Tools you Need to Get Ahead

Apps have made life easier for many people. From getting around town to researching for a book report, there’s always an app that fits any purpose. But one thing’s for sure, a lot of tender, love, and care is involved in the creation of a great app.

Being an app developer yourself, you know how complex the task can be. Especially now that there’s an increasing demand for highly functional and responsive apps, you will have to work really hard in order to create a product that everyone needs.

However, you are also spending time and resources on developing your app, and you can expect many of these resources to be wasted. Fortunately, there are tools that can help you streamline the process and ensure a great product that can surpass your competitors’ offers.

Let’s look at four of these app development tools and see how they can help you get ahead.

1. Pro Docker

You have to admit, creating an app takes a lot of hard work, but with virtualization, you can ease up the process significantly. With Pro Docker, you can provide your development teams with full control of the process using containers that include the components needed to run your app. The platform also allows your teams to maintain a consistent and scalable environment that’s risk-free.

However, considering the fact that Pro Docker is still a relatively new tool in app development, you and your development teams will have to undergo training in order to understand and realize its full advantages. Through services like Pro Docker Training, you can provide your teams with valuable resources and guides for operating the platform and enhance the app-building process in the long run.

2. Xamarin

There are app development tools for professionals, and there are also tools for newbie developers. One thing’s for sure, Xamarin is one tool that fits both groups. With its easy-to-understand interface as well as its multi-platform capabilities, this platform is made for tasks and processes where quality is second to none.

The platform can work with multiple IDEs and languages and it has a compatibility feature across all mobile platforms. One thing that’s great about Xamarin is its ability to give you a quick start template which you can use to modify and build your app.

3. Monocross

Another cross-platform app that you should be using, Monocross enables you to create apps for C# and .Net. And apart from supporting a diverse range of APIs, it also works to cut development time significantly by retaining the app codes as well as easing up app porting.

4. Appcelerator

When it comes to testing an app, you will need to have the right features in place such as an easy UI and cross-platform capabilities that connect accounts across a wide range of third-party apps and software. Appcelerator makes use of Javascript and provides a seamless experience throughout different mobile platforms. Though it has issues with lag, Appcelerator has the right and easy-to-understand components that more than compensate for these issues.


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