How to Put Together an Effective PHP Developer Resume

You may be a fantastic PHP developer, but if you are not able to communicate that through your resume, you may be missing a trick. Make sure your resume reflects your abilities by following these simple steps:

Start with a summary

A developing trend is to begin your resume with what some people would call a personal profile, and what others would call an executive summary. It doesn’t matter what you call it, what matters is what this brief paragraph (or two) says about you. Think of a great opening line which really sums up who you are professionally, and try to shoehorn in your most relevant experience (to the jobs you want to apply for) and greatest career achievements. State clearly what you are looking for too.

“The reality is, busy hiring managers often do not take the time to progress beyond the summary paragraph at the top of a resume, so if you don’t make any impact here, the rest of your resume will remain unread, and the job will pass you by,” warns Peter Strachan, a resume proofreader at Academized.

Detail relevant experience, highlighting achievements and strengths

As concisely as possible, and working back in chronological order, emphasize the relevant projects you have worked on, detailing your particular responsibilities on the project, any personal or team achievements involved in the project, and focusing on your strengths as part of the execution of those activities. If you contributed to the bottom line of the company too, that is definitely something to underline here, as those kind of cold hard facts add serious weight to a resume.

Relevant qualification, skills and software experience

It goes without saying that including your relevant qualifications, skills and software capabilities is integral to your resume. So, give these pride of place, and link them to the relevant projects you have worked on. Remember you do not need to include absolutely everything, so think carefully about the skills and projects that most closely align with the job you are interested in. The fact is, your resume should be an evolving document that is adapted for every job you appy for.

Show your commitment to innovation and staying relevant

The field of PHP development is a fast-paced and evolving sphere, so what is crucial to put across is your dedication to staying as up to date as possible, and your fascination and commitment to innovation and change. These are characteristics that business love to see.

And remember, there are tools to help

When putting together a PHP Developer resume you are not on your own, because as well as there being of templates available online upon which you can build on, there are loads of online writing services too. Here are just some of the options available to you:

  • Resumention, a resume service, is exactly the kind of place you should start, with templates and practical advice which can help get you off on the right foot.
  • MyWritingWay and Letsgoandlearn are useful online writing guides which can also assist in beginning this exercise.
  • Ukwritings and State Of Writing offer user-friendly editing tools (as reviewed in Revieweal), and will definitely assist in making your resume clearer and more concise.
  • Then turn to Best Writing Services and Assignment Help, which can be used to assist you in any form of business writing, of which resume writing is an integral part, of course.
  • For grammar checking Grammarix and WritingPopulist are great tools if you are concerned about making grammatical mistakes.
  • Then finishing with a great proofreading service. Big Assignments and StudentWritingServices are useful online proofreading tools, as mentioned in Thesis Writing Service)

Think about your references

Most resumes will simply state ‘resumes available upon request’, and that is good enough when you are sending out resume’s cold, but in more specific circumstances, the references that you include will say a lot about you. Try to get a nice blend by not using two people from the same company, for example, and think about how this impresses that you have maintained good relationships from previous projects.

And don’t make it too long

There is no consensus as to exactly how long the perfect resume should be, but try to keep it as neat and today as possible, and ensure the formatting looks clean. One page looks great, but may be slightly unrealistic depending on your levels of experience, so having two clear pages would work well. Anything more is just not an option, and means you are not being concise enough in your explanations.

Aimee Laurence can be found offering her expert insights as a remote editor and resume writer at and Essay Services, where she focusses on various business subjects. Aimee also manages content at Boomessays portal.



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