7 Questions You Should Ask Yourself before Designing a Website

Designing a website for your business is becoming very crucial these days. If you do not have an online presence you are nowhere in the competition. You have to be visible to your customers all the time. Only then you can think of having great profits, line of customers and lots more. But before you start to build any website for your business here are some important points that you should keep in mind for building an effective and fruitful website.

Question No.1: What would be the main reason or the purpose of my website?

First of all you have to decide what type of website you are going to create e.g. brochure site, online eCommerce site or a lead generating site? If we discuss then a website is a complete mixture of these three types of websites but unless until you have defined your website type, it would be a waste of time. A definite goal and a definite purpose are very important to have a blissful experience with your website.

Question No.2: How people will be able to find your website?

You know that the world of the internet is extremely huge, so the chances that your website will be found easily are comparatively low. So you have to provide your website with such graphics and looks that people find it very easy to reach to your website. Make your reach easy to make your earnings easy.

Also you can consult to SEO executives for making your website rank high in the search engines. SEO executives know very well how to work on your website to make it famous among the internet users.

Question No. 3: Ask yourself if you have represented your core purpose?

It is crucial for a website to have a core purpose. The core purpose of your website should be represented correctly. But when you decide to design a website for your business you have end result in your mind that says sell your products. So ask yourself is your website would be able to serve the sole purpose of your business?

Question No. 4: Is everything constant?

Being a designer you need to respect the consistency of your website. Starting from the fonts that you use, the words that you share consistency breeds legitimacy. This goes for everything like colors, spacing. Use of photos, text etc. Everything needs to be consistent.

Question No.5: What is your strategy for making people linger on your website?

Find out how you can make your customers stay on your website. The average time a visitor spends on a website is 68 seconds. How many widgets, advertisements you are providing won’t make a difference but one of the sure shot ways to make your visitors stay on your website for long is having informative content on your website. Content is something that makes your visitors stay on your website to know more about your products and services.

But if not then no one would show interest in your website and your visitors will leave your website even more early as compared to the average time.

Question No.6: How you will get your visitors again and again to your website?

On an average basis, three out of four visitors do not come back to a website. If they stay only for 68 seconds then it would definitely take lifetime for you to become a millionaire. To bring your visitors come back to your website you have to do various things:

  • Make sure that you have sufficient quantity and quality of the content so that the visitor should bookmark your website to come back for more.
  • Keep on updating your website on regular basis to make your visitors come back.
  • If you are not changing your website at all then why would someone come back to your website?

Question No.7: How are you going to monitor the results of your website?

No one can tell you what is going to work for you. Therefore it is necessary for you to measure the statistics. Web analytic tools or A good web host will provide you with complete statistics packages that will give you a complete package where they will tell you the number of visitors that have visited, and what they did at your website.

Author Bio. :- Arun is a Technical SEO at Hopinfirst, a leading mobile app development company having a team of best app developers who delivers best Augmented Reality app And Virtual Reality app Solutions mainly on Android and iOS platform.



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