NeurOptimal needed website consulting on their user interface and user experience to optimize their website for conversions.

NeurOptimal was looking to expand its online sales and move away from its reliance on other partners to a more self-sufficient solution. They required more content for their website and digital marketing to expand the revenue their website was able to generate.

Some design work was also necessary to make the switch from a business model that depended on person-to-person sales to a website-based, conversion-oriented model.

They required extensive market research to educate consumers about a little-known product. Created a wide array of landing pages to assist in explaining the product.

‘corePHP’ consulted to optimize the UI and UX of the Neurofeedback website and their social media, setting them up for success in the digital realm. We continue to perform search engine optimization for their website and manage their digital marketing to improve their sales. We did some design updates for them as well. ‘corePHP’ continues to create new content for them regularly.

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