Grundy County, Iowa

We maintained Grundy County’s website through our maintenance program, during which we informed them as part of our service that their Joomla needed updating from a security and functionality standpoint, as well as their PHP.

Grundy County asked us to provide a bid on updating their website, including:

  • taking their existing site and modernizing its design
  • simplifying their process for managing their content
  • copying all the functionality, content, and info over to the new site.

‘corePHP’ started the project by providing a staging site and a brand new environment. We installed Joomla! 4 and PHP 8. We selected a group of possible pre-developed templates (to assist with reducing cost in development due to budget) for the website and sent them to our contact at the county to select the desired template.

After getting approval, we were able to start building out the pages on the new site, copying content over from the existing, outdated website to the staging site.

Our contact sent out a link to every county department to review the new staging site to receive feedback and let ‘corePHP’ know of any changes that still needed to be made or updates we weren’t aware of previously (primary contact information for a department, for example).

‘corePHP’ utilized a page builder to simplify the page and content creation for Grundy County going forward, allowing them to make content updates and changes easily.

To stay on track throughout the process, we held weekly meetings to keep everyone up to speed and sent a summary email that listed action items for both ‘corePHP’ and Grundy County.

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