PHP Heaven : Tools to Build your Dream Website – Part Seven

Welcome back to another article of the PHP Heaven series listing some great PHP scripts to help you build an awesome website within minutes.

Let’s have a look at what we have for you,

Responsive Documentation Generator

Don’t spend countless hours in creating the perfect documentation for your product. Leave all the hard work for this php script.

View Demo | Buy Responsive Documentation Generator

Car Dealer Pro

Car Dealer ProSet up an online car showroom, display specifications and price for different cars easily with this script.

View Demo | Buy Car Dealer Pro


SoundCaptchaMake your website captchas easy for your real human visitors by adding sound playback support.

View Demo | Buy SoundCaptcha

Shift Employee Management System

Shift Employee Management SystemA perfect tool to manage all your employees and track their performance easily.

View Demo | Buy Shift Employee Management System

AJAX Search Form

AJAX Search FormCreate a “Google Instant” like search form for your website and speed up the search process with this handy php script.

View Demo | Buy AJAX Search Form

Car Rental

Car RentalIf you have a car rental business then you can use this script to manage all your car reservations easily.

View Demo | Buy Car Rental

PHP Avatar Maker

PHP Avatar MakerLet your website users create their own avatars easily with this script.

View Demo | Buy PHP Avatar Maker

Survey Engine

Survey EngineCreate and host surveys for your website users/visitors easily with this handy tool.

View Demo | Buy Survey Engine

PHP Book Search Engine

PHP Book Search EngineCreate your very own book search engine with advanced capabilities with this awesome script.

View Demo | Buy PHP Book Search Engine


SmartBackupBackups are really important. Let this script take periodic backups for your website automatically.

View Demo | Buy SmartBackup

Well this is it, the end of the list. We hope that you will find these php scripts helpful for building and awesome website easily.


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