PHP Heaven : Tools to Build your Dream Website – Part Four

We are back with another article on the PHP Heaven series featuring some more cool PHP scripts that will help you create the perfect website.

Let’s have a look at what we have here in this list.

Premium Poll

Create your own poll hosting website and allow your users to create polls in a jiffy.

View Demo | Buy Premium Poll


ArwellCreate a fun and engaging website like 9gag with this awesome script.

View Demo | Buy Arwell

Social Business

Social BusinessCreate a platform to let different people having their business communicate with other people and be partners in a business.

View Demo | Buy Social Business


SniipyCreate a snippet sharing website and allow your visitors to share code snippets or plain text and even modify existing ones.

View Demo | Buy Sniipy


TodoMonkeyCreate an advanced todo app with this powerful script.

View Demo | Buy TodoMonkey

Two Factor Auth

Two Factor

Implement a 2-step login process on your website using this handy tool.

View Demo | Buy Two Step Auth


RanknatorCreate a Google PageRank checking website and allow your visitors to check PageRank and embed badges on their website.

View Demo | Buy Ranknator

Pop Under Ads Network

Pop Under AdsCreate a pop under ads network and make money from publishers and advertisers easily.

View Demo | Buy Pop Under Ads Network


NamesterCreate a WHOIS checking tool with detailed information with this cool script.

View Demo | Buy Namester

Handwriting Animation

Handwriting AnimationDisplay some amazing handwriting animations on your website with this script.

View Demo | Buy Handwriting Animation

That’s it. This is the end of this list, we hope that you have found it useful and keep watching because we will be bringing more lists like this to help you build your dream website easily.


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